MCQ Practice 14050 Questions (Pages :469)

  • 13861 American constitution is .............?

    (A) partly flexible
    (B) flexible
    (C) rigid
    (D) None of these
  • 13862 An application program that helps the user to change any number and immediately see the result of that change is?

    (A) Desktop publishing program
    (B) Database
    (C) Spreadsheet
    (D) All of above
  • 13863 Anti Terrorist Day is observed on the death anniversary of?

    (A) Indira Gandhi
    (B) Rajiv Gandhi
    (C) Mahatma Gandhi
    (D) Dhyan Chand
  • 13864 Article 123 of Indian Constitution deals with?

    (A) Money bill
    (B) Pocket veto
    (C) Ordinance
    (D) Pardoning power
  • 13865 Background colour or effects applied on a document is not visible in?

    (A) Web layout view
    (B) Print layout view
    (C) Reading View
    (D) Print Preview
  • 13866 Bharananganam Church is in?

    (A) Ernakulam
    (B) Kottayam
    (C) Pathanamthitta
    (D) Kannur
  • 13867 Channar rebellion held in?

    (A) 1859
    (B) 1857
    (C) 1858
    (D) 1856
  • 13868 Chromosome consists of?

    (A) DNA and Lipids
    (B) RNA and Aminoacids
    (C) RNA and Sugar
    (D) DNA and Proteins
  • 13869 Computer Programs are covered under.........?

    (A) Patent
    (B) Infringement of personal information
    (C) Geographical Indications
    (D) Copyright
  • 13870 Cyber Regulations Appellate Tribunal (CRAT) consists of:?

    (A) One presiding officer and one subordinate Officer
    (B) One Presiding Officer and two subordinate Officer
    (C) One Presiding Officer and four subordinate Officer
    (D) Only Presiding Officer
  • 13871 Deficiency of Vitamin B1 causes?

    (A) Cancer
    (B) Beriberi
    (C) Appendicitis
    (D) Scurvy
  • 13872 Dr. Palpu was born at?

    (A) Kottayam
    (B) Thiruvananthapuram
    (C) Kochi
    (D) Kollam
  • 13873 During Vaikam Satyagraha Travancore was ruled by?

    (A) Chithira Thirunal
    (B) Sreemoolam Thirunal
    (C) Avittam Thirunal
    (D) Ayilyam Thirunal
  • 13874 Eastern most point of India.?

    (A) Cape Comorin
    (B) Kibithu
    (C) Ghurmota
    (D) Parson point
  • 13875 EEPROM stands for?

    (A) Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
    (B) Easily Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
    (C) Electronic Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
    (D) None of the above
  • 13876 Famous Hill palace museum is at?

    (A) Tripunithura
    (B) Kodanad
    (C) Irapuram
    (D) Edappally
  • 13877 Fiber diet includes?

    (A) Fat
    (B) Cellulose
    (C) Protein
    (D) Glycogen
  • 13878 First Multiplex theater in Kerala is at?

    (A) Alappuzha
    (B) Kollam
    (C) Kochi
    (D) Thiruvananthapuram
  • 13879 Flowering in short day plant is promoted by?

    (A) Auxins
    (B) Cytokinins
    (C) Gibberellins
    (D) Ethylene
  • 13880 FORTRAN is?

    (A) File Translation
    (B) Format Translation
    (C) Formula Translation
    (D) Floppy Translation
  • 13881 From which part of the plant is turmeric obtained?

    (A) Stem
    (B) Root
    (C) Flower
    (D) None of these
  • 13882 Gandhiji visited Sreenarayana Guru in?

    (A) 1925
    (B) 1937
    (C) 1924
    (D) 1920
  • 13883 Gibberellins was isolated from?

    (A) Bacteria
    (B) Fungus
    (C) Algae
    (D) Viruses
  • 13884 Gobar gas mainly contains?

    (A) Ethylene
    (B) Methane
    (C) Nitrogen
    (D) Oxygen
  • 13885 How many fundamental rights are there in the Indian Constitution?

    (A) 10
    (B) 6
    (C) 7
    (D) 11
  • 13886 How many officially recognised languages are there in the Indian Constitution?

    (A) 14
    (B) 18
    (C) 22
    (D) 19
  • 13887 IBM stands for?

    (A) International Business Machine
    (B) Internet Business Machine
    (C) Interacting Business Machine
    (D) Interconnected Business Machine
  • 13888 In Kerala ‘Nanma’ stores were opened by:?

    (A) Civil Supplies Corporation
    (B) Consumerfed
    (C) Farm Information Bureau
    (D) Social Welfare Department
  • 13889 In the Union Cabinet A.K.Antony is in charge of the portfolio:?

    (A) Home
    (B) External Affairs
    (C) Defence
    (D) Finance
  • 13890 India’s first Antarctic expedition was launched under the leadership of?

    (A) E. Sreedharan
    (B) Dr. S.Z. Quasim
    (C) Dr. N. Anil Kumar
    (D) Dr. G.S. Sirohi

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