MCQ Practice 14050 Questions (Pages :469)

  • 13981 The number of molecules contained in 1 mole of gas is called?

    (A) molecular weight
    (B) equivalent number
    (C) Reynolds number
    (D) Avogadro number
  • 13982 The organic acid present in tomato?

    (A) Oxalic acid
    (B) Acetic acid
    (C) Lactic acid
    (D) Citric acid
  • 13983 The pass which connects Kozhikode and Mysore.?

    (A) Thamarassery pass
    (B) Aryankavu pass
    (C) Perambadi Ghat
    (D) Palakkad gap
  • 13984 The pass which is connecting Kollam and Madurai.?

    (A) Palakkad gap
    (B) Shenkotta
    (C) Bhor Ghat
    (D) Thal Ghat
  • 13985 The physical arrangement of elements on a page is referred to as a document’s ……?

    (A) Features
    (B) Format
    (C) Pagination
    (D) Grid
  • 13986 The pilotless target aircraft of India:?

    (A) Lakshya
    (B) Saras
    (C) Agni
    (D) Prithvi
  • 13987 The planets move around the sun in a path called?

    (A) Rotation
    (B) Revolution
    (C) Orbit
    (D) Spin
  • 13988 The power of pocket veto for the first time exercised by the president?

    (A) R. Venkataraman
    (B) V.V. Giri
    (C) Zail Singh
    (D) Rajendraprasad
  • 13989 The primary beneficiaries of Domestic violence Act are?

    (A) Women
    (B) Children
    (C) Women and Children
    (D) Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
  • 13990 The prochancellor of Kerala University?

    (A) Governor
    (B) Minister of education
    (C) Chief justice
    (D) Chief Minister
  • 13991 The river known in the name ‘Dakshin Ganga’?

    (A) Cauvery
    (B) Godavari
    (C) Narmada
    (D) Ganga
  • 13992 The scientific name of knee cap is?

    (A) Mandible
    (B) Sternum
    (C) Patella
    (D) Femur
  • 13993 The soil which is most suitable for the cultivation of cotton.?

    (A) Alluvial soil
    (B) Red soil
    (C) Black soil
    (D) Laterite soil
  • 13994 The state in which Belgam is situated?

    (A) Maharastra
    (B) Karnataka
    (C) Punjab
    (D) West Bengal
  • 13995 The term ‘socialistic pattern of society was adopted by the congress at its ___ session?

    (A) Calcutta
    (B) Mumbai
    (C) Chennai
    (D) Avadi
  • 13996 The total number of ministers in the first Kerala Ministry.?

    (A) Ten
    (B) Twelve
    (C) Eleven
    (D) Nine
  • 13997 The use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, a group of individuals, or an organisation is termed:?

    (A) Cyberspace
    (B) Cyberstalking
    (C) Pornography
    (D) None of these
  • 13998 The vitamin which can’t be obtained from any vegetables.?

    (A) Vitamin C
    (B) Vitamin A
    (C) Vitamin D
    (D) Vitamin B12
  • 13999 Time during which a job is processed by the computer is?

    (A) Delay times
    (B) Real time
    (C) Execution time
    (D) Down time
  • 14000 To be considered a computer crime, what needs to be involved in the Crime?

    (A) Technology
    (B) Computers
    (C) Data
    (D) Networks
  • 14001 To recover files from a backup, you perform a .........?

    (A) restore
    (B) scan
    (C) unerase
    (D) copy
  • 14002 Usually, base changes the colour of litmus from?

    (A) blue to red
    (B) red to blue
    (C) red to colourless
    (D) pink to colourless
  • 14003 What is the application fee under the Right to Information Act 2005?

    (A) One Rupees
    (B) Five Rupees
    (C) Ten Rupees
    (D) Thirty Rupees
  • 14004 What is the maximum punishment for sending offensive messages through communication service, etc.?

    (A) 7 years and fine
    (B) 3 years and fine
    (C) 5 years and fine
    (D) 2 years and fine
  • 14005 What is the name of acid in grapes?

    (A) Acetic acid
    (B) Tartaric acid
    (C) Formic acid
    (D) Nitric acid
  • 14006 What is the other name of vitamin B2.?

    (A) Haemoglobin
    (B) Dextrose
    (C) Thiamine
    (D) Riboflavin
  • 14007 What waves are used for telecommunication via artificial satellites?

    (A) Microwaves
    (B) Radio waves
    (C) Infrared waves
    (D) Frequencies of the order 1015
  • 14008 When an application is received by Assistant Public Information Officer, what is the time limit for providing information.?

    (A) 30 days
    (B) 35 days
    (C) 40 days
    (D) 48 hours
  • 14009 When ice melts in a beaker of water, the level of water in the beaker will:?

    (A) increase
    (B) decrease
    (C) remains the same
    (D) first increase and then decrease
  • 14010 Where is the head quarters of coirfed?

    (A) Kasaragod
    (B) Trivandrum
    (C) Alappuzha
    (D) None of these

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