MCQ Practice 14050 Questions (Pages :469)

  • 241 Non-metals are generally bad conductors of electricity. However graphite is a good conductor of electricity because it?

    (A) is an allotrope of carbon
    (B) has loosely bound electrons
    (C) is brittle
    (D) forms basic oxide
  • 242 Thiokol is a?

    (A) Vulcanised rubber
    (B) Raw rubber
    (C) Natural rubber
    (D) Synthetic rubber
  • 243 Kangaroo is the main animal of?

    (A) Malaysia
    (B) Bulgaria
    (C) Australia
    (D) Congo
  • 244 In copper production leads the globe?

    (A) Chili
    (B) UK.
    (C) U.S.S.R.
    (D) U.S.A
  • 245 Ajmer in Rajasthan is a great pilgrim centre of?

    (A) Hindus
    (B) Buddhists
    (C) Muslims
    (D) Christians
  • 246 Coffee is an important source of income of?

    (A) India
    (B) China
    (C) Kenya
    (D) Congo
  • 247 Who wrote Asian Drama?

    (A) Gunnar Myr Dal
    (B) Dr.A.P.J.AbdulKalam
    (C) Sashi Tharoor
    (D) Amartya Sen
  • 248 Name the book written by Rabindranath Tagore?

    (A) Gora
    (B) Good Earth
    (C) Guide
    (D) Godaan
  • 249 Name the key to Indian pre-historic archaeology?

    (A) Harappa
    (B) Lothal
    (C) Kalibangan
    (D) Muciris
  • 250 Din-Ilahi is a religion founded by?

    (A) Baber
    (B) Akbar
    (C) Humayun
    (D) Jehangir
  • 251 The Ashtadiggajas belonged to dynasty?

    (A) Chalukyas
    (B) Pallavas
    (C) Vijayanagara
    (D) Bahmani
  • 252 Name the Malayalee editor of Gandhiji's Young India'?

    (A) Barrister G. P. Pillai.
    (B) C. Kesavan
    (C) George Joseph
    (D) Swadesabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai
  • 253 The Chinese traveler Hluen Tsang visited the pilgrim centre. of ..... in South India?

    (A) Guruvayoor
    (B) Tiruppati
    (C) Kalady
    (D) Kanchi
  • 254 The "Navaratnas" lived during the period of?

    (A) Mauryas
    (B) Gupthas
    (C) Kushanas
    (D) Pallavas
  • 255 Name the only Malayalee President of the All India Congress Committee?

    (A) K. Karunakaran
    (B) A.K. Antony
    (C) Sir C. Sankaran Nair
    (D) George Joseph
  • 256 The revolt of 1721 the first attempt against foreign domination from the South?

    (A) Attingal
    (B) Kozhenchery
    (C) Kulachal
    (D) Varkala
  • 257 The . was the last to leave India after Independence?

    (A) English
    (B) Dutch
    (C) French
    (D) Portuguese
  • 258 Who is known as Gandhi of Kerala?

    (A) E.M.S. Narnboodiripad
    (B) K. Kelappan
    (C) K.P.Kesava Menon
    (D) Moidu Maulavi
  • 259 Kandalur Salai is an ancient university of?

    (A) Cholas
    (B) Pandyas
    (C) Cheras
    (D) Hoysalas
  • 260 One of the following is NOT a member of the Cabinet Mission to India?

    (A) Sir Stafford Cripps
    (B) Lord Alexander
    (C) Lord Pethick Lawrence
    (D) Clement Atlee
  • 261 Name the Grand old man of Indian Nationalism?

    (A) W.C. Banncrji
    (B) Dadabhai Naoroji
    (C) Surendranath Bannerji
    (D) Aurobindo Ghosh
  • 262 Who had outlined a strategy of non-cooperation in his manifesto, HINDSWARAJ as early as 1909?

    (A) Gandhiji
    (B) Jawaharlal Nehru
    (C) Gokhale
    (D) Balagangadhar Tilak
  • 263 The right to work or the right to a living wage had been included among the fundamental rights, based on the 1931 Resolution of the congress which met in?

    (A) Calcutta
    (B) Karachi
    (C) Bombay
    (D) Chennai
  • 264 The Doctrine of Lapse was introduced by?

    (A) Lord Cannon
    (B) Lord Delhousi
    (C) Lord Bentinck
    (D) Lord Wellesley
  • 265 The Non-Brahmin Movement begun by Dr. T.M. Nair became a mass movement under?

    (A) K. Kamraj Nadar
    (B) E.V.Ramaswamy Naicker
    (C) C.N. Annadurai
    (D) M.G. Ramachandran
  • 266 As part of the Vaikam Satyagraha, a Savarna Jatha was organized under the leadership of?

    (A) T.K. Madhavan
    (B) K.P. Kesava Menon
    (C) Mannath Padmanabhan
    (D) Dr. P. Palpu
  • 267 The temple entry proclamation was issued by?

    (A) Chithira Tirunal
    (B) Uthradam Tirunal
    (C) Moolam Tirunal
    (D) Visakham Tirunal
  • 268 The Malayalam lullaby. 'Omanathingal Kidavo' was written by?

    (A) Swathi Tirunal
    (B) Dharma Raja
    (C) Irayimman Thampi
    (D) Kumaranasan
  • 269 The painting 'Mysore Kbedda' was drawn by?

    (A) Raja Ravi Varma
    (B) K.C.S. Panikker
    (C) Tagore
    (D) Piccasso
  • 270 Robert Bristow is the architect, of the port at?

    (A) Mumbai
    (B) Tuticorin
    (C) Cochin
    (D) Visakhapatnam

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