Basic Facts about Kerala (Pages :86)

  • 2401 The framing of annual budget called ‘Pativukanakku’ was introduced by?

    Ans : Marthanda Varma
  • 2402 The “Bhadradeepam” and ‘Murajapam’ in the Pa dma n a bh a swami Temple was started by?

    Ans : Marthanda Varma
  • 2403 English education started in Travancore at the time of?

    Ans : Swathi Thirunal
  • 2404 Who was the chieftain of the erstwhile Malabar who fought against the British?

    Ans : Pazhassi Raja
  • 2405 Pazhassi Raja organised the guerilla warfare from the Wynadu hills with the help of?

    Ans : Kurichyar and Kurumbas
  • 2406 Pazhassi was killed on the bank of?

    Ans : Mavilathode
  • 2407 The only Muslim kingdom in Kerala was?

    Ans : Arakkal kingdom
  • 2408 The word ‘Yavana Priya’ relates to?

    Ans : Pepper
  • 2409 Who built Farooz town?

    Ans : Tipu Sultan
  • 2410 Malabar district became a province of Madras Presidency in?

    Ans : 1812
  • 2411 Who abolished slave trade in Travancore in 1812?

    Ans : Rani Lakshmibai
  • 2412 Herman Gundert belongs to which country?

    Ans : Germany
  • 2413 In 1817 who made primary education compulsory in Travancore?

    Ans : Rani Gouri Bai
  • 2414 Under whose leadership was the Palghat fort captured by the British?

    Ans : Col. Stuart
  • 2415 The Seringapatam treaty was signed in?

    Ans : 1792
  • 2416 Where did the English establish their first trading centre?

    Ans : Surat
  • 2417 Where is the St. George fort situated?

    Ans : Chennai
  • 2418 Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja belonged to which royal family?

    Ans : Kottayam
  • 2419 Who assumed the title as ‘Kerala Simham’ (Lion of Kerala)?

    Ans : Pazhassi Raja
  • 2420 The last of the early revolts that broke out in Malabar against the British supremacy was?

    Ans : Kurichya Revolt
  • 2421 Where was Velu Thampi born?

    Ans : Talakkulam
  • 2422 Who introduced travelling courts in Travancore?

    Ans : Velu Thampi
  • 2423 Hussar Kachery at Kollam was organised by?

    Ans : Velu Thampi
  • 2424 The famous Kundara proclamation was issued in?

    Ans : January 1809
  • 2425 Velu Thampi committed suicide at?

    Ans : Mannadi
  • 2426 The new Dalwa after Velu Thampi?

    Ans : Ummini Thampi
  • 2427 The weavers township of Balaramapuram was created by?

    Ans : Ummini Thampi
  • 2428 The first English Diwan of Travancore?

    Ans : Resident Col. Munro
  • 2429 The Secretariat System was introduced in Travancore by?

    Ans : Col. Munro
  • 2430 The designation of the Karyakar was changed to Tahsildar as in British India by?

    Ans : Col. Munro

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