Basic Facts about Kerala (Pages :86)

  • 241 In which century Thacholi Othernan lived?

    Ans : 16th
  • 242 “Thekkan style’ in Kathakali was expounded by?

    Ans : Kaplingattu Namboothiri
  • 243 A film directed by Priyadarshan that depicts a story in the back ground of freedom struggle of India?

    Ans : Kalapani
  • 244 Gajendramoksham can be seen at the palace of?

    Ans : Krishnapuram
  • 245 In which district is ‘Arjuna Nritham’ is a famous dance form?

    Ans : Kottayam
  • 246 Oppana is a dance form performed by the women of ...... community?

    Ans : Muslim
  • 247 Padayani is a dance form popular in the district of?

    Ans : Pathanamthitta
  • 248 The famous ‘Ezharapponnana’ of Ettumanoor temple is made up of?

    Ans : Wood
  • 249 The film based on the theme of ‘Count of Monte Christo’ by Alexander Dumas?

    Ans : Padayottam
  • 250 The film based on the theme of ‘Othallo’ of Shakespeare?

    Ans : Kaliyattam
  • 251 The film ‘Yugapurushan’ depicts the life of?

    Ans : Srinarayana Guru
  • 252 The first Dolby sterio film in Malayalam?

    Ans : Kalapani
  • 253 The first film directed by M T Vasudevan Nair?

    Ans : Nirmalyam
  • 254 The first Malayalam film to get Golden Camera award in Cannes film festival?

    Ans : Maranasimhasanam
  • 255 The first state in India to start the cultivation of Rubber?

    Ans : Kerala
  • 256 The headquarters of Kerala Agricultural University?

    Ans : Mannuthy
  • 257 The largest strike organised by the Communist party in Kerala?

    Ans : Punnapra-Vayalar
  • 258 The Malayalam film in which Latha Mangeshkar was a playback singer?

    Ans : Nellu
  • 259 The Malayalam film in which no woman was acted?

    Ans : Mathilukal
  • 260 The poet who revived Kathakali?

    Ans : Vallathol
  • 261 Which crop is known as ‘the gold of the wasteland’?

    Ans : Cashew
  • 262 The first film in Malayalam was made based on a literary work?

    Ans : Marthandavarma
  • 263 The first Malayalam film that was nominated for Oscar?

    Ans : Guru
  • 264 The first Malayalam film to get President’s silver medal?

    Ans : Neelakkuyil
  • 265 The first film society in Kerala?

    Ans : Chitralekha
  • 266 The first film to get the award of Govt. of Kerala for best film?

    Ans : Kumarasambhavam
  • 267 Which district has the least area under paddy cultivation?

    Ans : Idukki
  • 268 Which district in Kerala has the largest area under paddy cultivation?

    Ans : Palakkad
  • 269 Which vesha is usually used for female charecters in Kathakali?

    Ans : Minukku
  • 270 The Keralite who wrote a book on ‘Karl Marx’ in 1912?

    Ans : K Ramakrishna Pillai

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