Idioms and Phrases (Pages :39)

  • 151 From door to door

    Ans : From building to building
  • 152 Fair hand

    Ans : Legible writing
  • 153 Free lance

    Ans : To earn money by selling your work to several different organizations
  • 154 Face to face

    Ans : In the presence
  • 155 Fish in troubled waters

    Ans : To exploit the unfavourable conditions
  • 156 From the bottom of one's heart

    Ans : Very Sincerely
  • 157 Fair sex

    Ans : A lady
  • 158 For good and all

    Ans : For ever; for good
  • 159 For long

    Ans : For many days; longer time
  • 160 Fall into a rage

    Ans : To become angry
  • 161 Fall short of

    Ans : To be of inferior
  • 162 Fall flat on

    Ans : To prove ineffective
  • 163 For the purpose of

    Ans : Mat is needed in a particular situation
  • 164 A feather of one's cap

    Ans : Something to be proud of
  • 165 Feather one's nest

    Ans : To earn by unfair means
  • 166 Fellow feeling

    Ans : A feeling of sympathy for somebody because you have shared similar experiences
  • 167 Few and far between

    Ans : Very little
  • 168 Fight shy of

    Ans : To be hesitant
  • 169 Force one's hand

    Ans : To force one to do unwillingly
  • 170 Forty winks

    Ans : A siesta
  • 171 Fringe benefits

    Ans : Extra things that an employer gives you as well as your wages
  • 172 Fair weather friend

    Ans : Friends of good days only
  • 173 Fall in with

    Ans : To agree to something
  • 174 Fall out with

    Ans : To have an argument with somebody
  • 175 Fall to one's lot

    Ans : To become ones task or responsibility
  • 176 Fall behind in

    Ans : To fail to keep level
  • 177 Fall a prey to

    Ans : To be harmed or affected by something bad
  • 178 Gala day

    Ans : A special public celebration or entertainment
  • 179 Good for nothing

    Ans : Of no use
  • 180 Gift of the gab

    Ans : Ability or art of speaking fluently

"I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be honorable, to be compassionate. It is, after all, to matter: to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all"

- Leo C. Rosten
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