Indian Polity (Pages :31)

  • 61 The words ‘Unity of the Nation’ in the preamble was substituted by ....... through the 42nd Amendment?

    Ans : Unity and Integrity of the Nation
  • 62 In which year preamble was amended?

    Ans : 1976
  • 63 The idea of council of ministers are collectively responsible to the lower house of the Parliament has been copied from?

    Ans : Britain
  • 64 The feature of Federal Scheme has been borrowed from?

    Ans : Govt of India Act; 1935
  • 65 The post of speaker of Lok Sabha has been copied from?

    Ans : Britain
  • 66 Which amendment amended the preamble?

    Ans : 42nd
  • 67 How many words are there in the preamble at present?

    Ans : 85
  • 68 Who drafted the preamble?

    Ans : Jawaharlal Nehru
  • 69 The wording of the preamble of India is close to the preamble to the Constitution of?

    Ans : Ireland
  • 70 What is referred to as an ‘epitome’ of the broad features of the Constitution?

    Ans : Preamble
  • 71 The preamble of the Constitution came into force on?

    Ans : 26th January 1950
  • 72 The preamble of the Constitution begins with?

    Ans : We; the people of India.....
  • 73 Who was the Prime minister of India when the preamble was amended?

    Ans : Indira Gandhi
  • 74 How many times the preamble has been amended?

    Ans : Once
  • 75 The words included in the preamble through the 42nd Amendment?

    Ans : Socialist; Secular; Integrity of nation
  • 76 The minimum age required to vote in the election to Legislative Assembly?

    Ans : 18
  • 77 Name the Union Territories that have Legislative Assembly?

    Ans : Delhi and Puducherry
  • 78 Ministers of the State are collectively responsible to the?

    Ans : State Legislative Assembly
  • 79 The minimum age required to become a candidate for the post of President?

    Ans : 35
  • 80 Who administers the oath of office of the President?

    Ans : Chief Justice of India
  • 81 If the post of president is vacant, a new president will be elected within ..... months?

    Ans : 6
  • 82 The tenure of the president of India is ...... years.?

    Ans : 5
  • 83 The status of Delhi as per the Constitution?

    Ans : National Capital Territory
  • 84 Which state has the largest number of Rajya Sabha seats?

    Ans : Uttar Pradesh
  • 85 The only Indian state that has its own constitution?

    Ans : Jammu & Kashmir
  • 86 Which Article of the Constitution deals with special provisions regarding Jammu and Kashmir?

    Ans : 370\
  • 87 Which state has the largest number of Lok Sabha seats?

    Ans : U.P.
  • 88 Legislative Assembly of which state has the tenure of six years?

    Ans : Jammu & Kashmir
  • 89 As per the provisions of the Constitution the minimum strength of State Legislative Assembly is?

    Ans : 60
  • 90 The South Indian states with Legislative Council?

    Ans : Karnataka ;Andhra Pradesh and Telengana

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