Indian Polity (Pages :31)

  • 871 Who introduced Education Bill in Kerala legislative assembly?

    Ans : Joseph Mundassery
  • 872 Who presided over the first Malabar district conference held at Palakkad in 1916?

    Ans : Annie Besant
  • 873 Who was in charge of Home department in the beginning of the first EMS ministry?

    Ans : EMS
  • 874 Who was instrumental in preparing a petition named Malayali Memorial which was signed by 10038 persons?

    Ans : Barrister G.P.Pillai
  • 875 Who was the editor of Kerala Kaumudi started in 1911?

    Ans : Muloor Padmanabha Panicker
  • 876 “To change the Nampoothiri into human” was the slogan of?

    Ans : Yogakshema Sabha
  • 877 ho said “No caste, no religion, no god for man”?

    Ans : Sahodaran Ayyappan
  • 878 In order to provide opportunity of education for poor children, V.T.Bhatathirippad organised?

    Ans : Begging March (Yachana Yatra)
  • 879 Ernest Kirk was the first European disciple of?

    Ans : Sree Narayana Guru
  • 880 The world rises from love /And attains progress with love,/Love is itself the power of the world,/Love brings happiness to all; /Love is life itself, sir,/And Love’s absence is death”-The work of Kumaranasan which depicts the sacredness of love?

    Ans : Chandalabhikshuki
  • 881 The birth place of Thycaud Ayya?

    Ans : Nakalapuram
  • 882 Who wrote ‘Adwaitha Chintha Paddhathi?

    Ans : Chattampi Swamikal
  • 883 Who authored ‘Baalaakalesam’?

    Ans : Pandit Karuppan
  • 884 Who authored ‘Anandagurugeetha’?

    Ans : Brahmananda Sivayogi
  • 885 The author of ‘Martyrdoam of Anasthasiya’?

    Ans : Kuriakose Elias Chavara
  • 886 From where K. Ayyappan launched the publication ‘Sahodaran’?

    Ans : Mattancheri
  • 887 To which agitation Velath Lakshmikkutty, K.K.Karumba and K.C.Kalikkutty is related?

    Ans : Channar Agitation
  • 888 In which year ‘Samathwasamajam’ was founded?

    Ans : 1836
  • 889 ‘No to argue or win but to know and inform’ which conference is related to this motto?

    Ans : Aluva conference
  • 890 Who was the exponent of Anandajathi?

    Ans : Brahmananda Sivayogi
  • 891 Who was the founder of Saivaprakashika Sabha?

    Ans : Thycaud Ayya
  • 892 The mission society that founded Brennen’s College?

    Ans : Basal Mission
  • 893 The date on which Mahathma Gandhi and Sree Narayana Guru met?

    Ans : 1925 March 12
  • 894 What type of literary work is ‘Thozhilkendrathilekk’?

    Ans : Drama
  • 895 The work of Kuma ranasan that depicts the fact ‘Mamsanibhadamalla ragam’ (Love is not an artifact of flesh)?

    Ans : Leela
  • 896 Who founded a school near Arppookkara for depressed classes?

    Ans : Kuriakose Elias Chavara
  • 897 To which Satyagraha is Arya Pallam is related?

    Ans : Paliyam Satyagraha
  • 898 When did Channar Agitation attained its objectives?

    Ans : 1859 July
  • 899 Who authrored ‘Swathanthryagatha’?

    Ans : Kumaranasan
  • 900 Who publised Al-Islam, the Muslim and Deepika?

    Ans : Vakkom Maulavi

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