Indian Polity (Pages :31)

  • 151 Which Article of the Constitution is related to President’s rule in State?

    Ans : 356
  • 152 Union Territory in South India to have Legislative Assembly?

    Ans : Puducherry
  • 153 The tenure of the president of India is ...... years?

    Ans : 5
  • 154 Supreme Commander of Armed Forces of India?

    Ans : President of India
  • 155 In case of resignation, the President submits his resignation letter to?

    Ans : Vice President
  • 156 The procedure for removing the President of India, if he violates the Constitution?

    Ans : Impeachment
  • 157 The official residence of the President of India, Rashrapathi Bhavan, was designed by?

    Ans : Edwin Lutyens
  • 158 The position of the President of India is similar to?

    Ans : British Monarch
  • 159 The idea of elected president as the head of the state has been copied from?

    Ans : Ireland
  • 160 Constitutional head of the state in India?

    Ans : The President of India
  • 161 The executive powers of the union of India is vested with?

    Ans : President
  • 162 Which Article of the Constitution related to impeachment of President?

    Ans : 61
  • 163 Who performs the duties of the President in his/her absense?

    Ans : Vice President
  • 164 Who performs the duties of the President in his/her absense of Presidend and Vice President?

    Ans : Chief Justice
  • 165 President is empowered to declare how many types of emergency?

    Ans : 3
  • 166 The ordinances issued by the President must be approved by the President within ...... weeks of the reassembly of Parliament?

    Ans : 6
  • 167 Which Article of the Constitution related to issuance of ordinances by the President?

    Ans : 123
  • 168 From which community the President of India can nominate two members to Lok Sabha to ensure representation?

    Ans : AngloIndian
  • 169 Who summons the Lok Sabha?

    Ans : President
  • 170 A person who enjoys all the powers vested in him by the Constitution isc called?

    Ans : Titular sovereign
  • 171 Who has the power to dissolve the Lok Sabha?

    Ans : The President
  • 172 The President of India to exercise pocket veto?

    Ans : Zail Singh
  • 173 The Inter-State Council is presided over by?

    Ans : Prime Minister
  • 174 Who is called ‘the link between the President and the cabinet’?

    Ans : Prime minister
  • 175 Who is the ex-officio chairman of the Planning Commission?

    Ans : Prime Minister
  • 176 Who is known as the ‘key stone of the cabinet arch?

    Ans : Prime Minister
  • 177 Who is called “the first among the equals”?

    Ans : Prime Minister
  • 178 India borrowed the idea of Fundamental Rights from the Constitutuion of?

    Ans : USA
  • 179 In which year the Indian National Congress passed a resolution in Madras which declared that ‘the basis of future Constitution of India must be a declaration of Fundamental Rights’?

    Ans : 1927
  • 180 Which session of the Indian National Congress adopted a resolution on Fundamental Rights and Economic and Social Change?

    Ans : 1931

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