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  • 2311 What is a GPU?

    (A) Grouped Processing Unit
    (B) Graphics Processing Unit
    (C) Graphical Performance Utility
    (D) Graphical Portable Unit
  • 2312 What does DOCSIS stand for?

    (A) Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
    (B) Data Over Cable Security Internet Std
    (C) Data Over Cable Secure International Stds
    (D) Data Over Cable Service Internet Standard
  • 2313 Which one of the following is a search engine?

    (A) Macromedia Flash
    (B) Google
    (C) Netscape
    (D) Librarians’ Index to the Internet
  • 2314 Which is the best search tool for finding Web sites that have been handpicked and recommended by someone else?

    (A) Subject directories
    (B) Search engines
    (C) Meta-search engines
    (D) Discussion groups
  • 2315 What is LCP?

    (A) Local Connection Protocol
    (B) Lost Connection Problem
    (C) Link Control Protocol
    (D) Laggy Connection Problem
  • 2316 What is VCM?

    (A) Virtual Connection Manager
    (B) Virtual Channel Memory
    (C) Voice Controlled Modem
    (D) Voice Communications Module
  • 2317 What does the abbreviation "http" stand for?

    (A) Hypertext Transfer Protocol
    (B) High Task Termination Procedure
    (C) Harvard Teletext Proof
    (D) Hindustan Times Technical Proffesionals
  • 2318 ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet, was developed by:?

    (A) FAA
    (B) Department of Defence
    (C) NATO
    (D) UART
  • 2319 What is a spider?

    (A) A computer virus
    (B) A program that catalogs Web sites
    (C) A hacker who breaks into computer systems
    (D) An application for viewing Web sites
  • 2320 Which of the following is not a part of the Internet?

    (A) World Wide Web
    (B) Email
    (C) CD-ROM
    (D) HTTP
  • 2321 The abbreviation URL stands for:?

    (A) User Regulation Law
    (B) Unknown RAM Load
    (C) Uniform Resource Locator
    (D) Ultimate RAM Locator
  • 2322 What is the Websites code for the country Mongolia?

    (A) MN
    (B) ML
    (C) MG
    (D) MO
  • 2323 What was the clock speed of the original IBM PC?

    (A) Less than 5 MHz
    (B) 10 MHz
    (C) 8 MHz
    (D) Just over 16 MHz
  • 2324 What is NAT?

    (A) Network Address Translation
    (B) Network Administration Tool
    (C) Novell Address Transfer
    (D) Newly Added Technology
  • 2325 What is not always necessary for accessing the Web?

    (A) A Web browser
    (B) A connection to an Internet Access Provider
    (C) A computer
    (D) A modem
  • 2326 On what date was the debut of the first IBM Personal Computer?

    (A) August 12; 1981
    (B) January 21 1979
    (C) August 21; 1980
    (D) January 12; 1982
  • 2327 A computer virus that actively attacks an anti-virus program or programs in an effort to prevent detection is...?

    (A) Worm
    (B) Retrovirus
    (C) Trojan
    (D) Ghost virus
  • 2328 What is the Websites code for the country Spain?

    (A) SI
    (B) SP
    (C) ES
    (D) SN
  • 2329 The first web server was built in:?

    (A) 1990 in Geneva; Switzerland
    (B) 1985 in Berkeley; California
    (C) 1988 in Cambridge; Massachusetts
    (D) 1947 in Berningham; UK
  • 2330 In what year did the Symantec Corporation first release Norton Antivirus?

    (A) 1
    (B) 990
    (C) 199
    (D) 519
    (E) 881
    (F) 990
  • 2331 The IBM PC-XT was the first to include a hard drive. What was the capacity of this disk?

    (A) 20 MB
    (B) 1.44 MB
    (C) 10 MB
    (D) 750 KB
  • 2332 What is the Websites code for the country Colombia?

    (A) CO
    (B) CM
    (C) CL
    (D) CB
  • 2333 Which of the following word processors came first?

    (A) WordPerfect
    (B) Lotus Notes
    (C) MS Word
    (D) WordStar
  • 2334 The invention of the transistor, or semiconductor, was one of the most important developments leading to the personal computer revolution. What company invented the transistor in 1947?

    (A) International Business Machines
    (B) MITS
    (C) Xerox
    (D) Bell Laboratories
  • 2335 What is TTL?

    (A) Technical Talk Language
    (B) Transparent Transfer Layer
    (C) Time To Live
    (D) True Technology Lives
  • 2336 What is the Websites code for the country Bulgaria?

    (A) BU
    (B) BR
    (C) BL
    (D) BG
  • 2337 What does PPTP stand for?

    (A) Point to Point Transmission Protocol
    (B) Point to Point Transfer Protocol
    (C) Point to Point Tunneling Protocol
    (D) Point to Point Traffic Protocol
  • 2338 According to CNN, how much did Internet traffic increase between 1994 and 1996?

    (A) Two times
    (B) Five times
    (C) Ten times
    (D) Twenty-five times
  • 2339 In 1983, which person was the first to offer a definition of the term 'computer virus'?

    (A) McAfee
    (B) Smith
    (C) Cohen
    (D) Norton
  • 2340 What is the World Wide Web?

    (A) A computer game
    (B) A software program
    (C) The part of the Internet that enables information-sharing via interconnected pages
    (D) Another name for the Internet

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