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  • 2341 What is the Websites code for the country United Kingdom?

    (A) GB
    (B) UK
    (C) EN
    (D) EG
  • 2342 What is a MAC?

    (A) A Computer made by Apple
    (B) Memory Address Corruption
    (C) Mediocre Apple Computer
    (D) Media Access Control
  • 2343 This virus activated every Friday the 13th, affects both .EXE and .COM files and deletes any programs run on that day. What is the name of that virus?

    (A) Chernobyl
    (B) Jerusalem
    (C) Melissa
    (D) I Love You
  • 2344 A program that neither replicates or copies itself, but does damage or compromises the security of the computer. Which 'Computer Virus' it is?

    (A) Joke Program
    (B) Worm
    (C) Trojan
    (D) Hoax
  • 2345 What is the Websites code for the country New Zealand?

    (A) NZ
    (B) NW
    (C) NE
    (D) ZL
  • 2346 Which Intel chip was the first to support a 32-bit bus architecture?

    (A) 486SI
    (B) Pentium
    (C) 286
    (D) 386DX
  • 2347 What does ECP stand for?

    (A) Extended Capabilities Port
    (B) Extra Compatible Part
    (C) Extended Connection Port
    (D) External Cordless Peripheral
  • 2348 The first graphical browser for the WWW was named:?

    (A) Netscape
    (B) Veronica
    (C) Mosaic
    (D) Explorer
  • 2349 What is RISC?

    (A) Remodeled Interface System Computer
    (B) Remote Intranet Secured Connection
    (C) Runtime Instruction Set Compiler
    (D) Reduced Instruction Set Computer
  • 2350 What does ICMP stand for?

    (A) Internet Connection Modem Protocol
    (B) Intranet Control Message Program
    (C) Internal Conflict Management Program
    (D) Internet Control Message Protocol
  • 2351 What is FMD?

    (A) FastEthernet Measuring Device
    (B) Flashing Media Diode
    (C) Fluorescent Multi-Layer Disc
    (D) Flash Media Driver
  • 2352 Which of these is a documented hoax virus?

    (A) McDonalds screensaver
    (B) Alien.worm
    (C) Merry Xmas
    (D) Adolph
  • 2353 What does SSL stand for?

    (A) Secure Socket Layer
    (B) System Socket Layer
    (C) Superuser System Login
    (D) Secure System Login
  • 2354 What is a URL?

    (A) A computer software program
    (B) A type of UFO
    (C) The address of a document or "page" on the World Wide Web
    (D) An acronym for Uniform Resources Learning
  • 2355 The Central Processing Unit is an embeded chip that acts as the 'brains' of a computer. What Intel chip was used in the Altair (the first real personal computer)?

    (A) 6
    (B) 502
    (C) 808
    (D) 064
    (E) 008
    (F) 280
  • 2356 What is a NIC?

    (A) Netware Intranet Controller
    (B) No Internet Connection
    (C) Network Interface Card
    (D) Network Interference Control
  • 2357 The Internet was developed in the...?

    (A) Early 1990s
    (B) Late 1980s
    (C) Early 1970s
    (D) Late 1960s
  • 2358 The arithmatic/logic unit performs the following actions?

    (A) checks data for accuracy
    (B) does calculations using addition; substraction; multiplication; and division
    (C) does logical comparisons; such as equal to;greater than; less than
    (D) does both calculations and logicalcomparisons
  • 2359 The computer's processor consists of the following parts?

    (A) CPU and Main Memory
    (B) Hard Disk and Floppy Drive
    (C) Main Memory and Storage
    (D) Control Unit and ALU
  • 2360 A microprocessor is the brain of the computer and is also called a(n)...?

    (A) microchip
    (B) macrochip
    (C) macroprocessor
    (D) calculator
  • 2361 Main memory works in conjuction with......?

    (A) special function cards
    (B) RAM
    (C) CPU
    (D) Intel
  • 2362 When speaking of computer input and output, input refers to...?

    (A) any data processing that occurs from new data input into the computer
    (B) data or information that has been entered into the computer
    (C) the transmission of data that has been inputinto the computer
    (D) both (B) and (C)
  • 2363 The main job of a CPU is to....?

    (A) carry out program instructions
    (B) store data / information for future use
    (C) process data and information
    (D) both (A) and (B)
  • 2364 All of the logic and mathematical calculations done by the computer happen in/on the....?

    (A) system board
    (B) central control unit
    (C) central processing unit
    (D) memory
  • 2365 The primary goal of a computer is to turn data into...?

    (A) ideas
    (B) suggestions
    (C) information
    (D) reports
  • 2366 Arithmatic operations?

    (A) involve matching one data item to another todetermine if the first item is greater than;equal to or less than the other item
    (B) sort data items according to standard;predefined criteria in ascending order ordecending order
    (C) use conditions with operators such as AND;OR and NOT
    (D) include addition; substraction; multiplicationand division
  • 2367 Once information is input into a computer it becomes?

    (A) objects
    (B) data
    (C) ideas
    (D) facts
  • 2368 Computer . is whatever is typed, submitted or transmitted to a computer system.?

    (A) input
    (B) output
    (C) data
    (D) circuitry
  • 2369 A computer portable and easy to carry by travellers is?

    (A) Super computer
    (B) Laptop
    (C) Mini computer
    (D) File servers
  • 2370 The most powerful computer is?

    (A) Super computer
    (B) Micro computer
    (C) Mini computer
    (D) All of these

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