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  • 241 Which spread spectrum technology does the 802.11b standard define for operation?

    (A) IR; FHSS & DSSS
    (B) DSSS
    (C) DSSS & FHSS
    (D) FHSS
    (E) IR
  • 242 Data transmission technologies vary. Which one does Ethernet use?

    (A) CSMA/CS
    (B) CSMA/CA or CSMA/CS
    (C) CSMA/CD
    (D) CSNA/CD
    (E) CSMA/CA
  • 243 Applications communicate with kernel by using?

    (A) Unit cells
    (B) Shell Script
    (C) System Calls
    (D) Shell
    (E) C Programs
  • 244 In which of the following office applications can you not name a file at the same time you create it?

    (A) access
    (B) powerpoint
    (C) paint
    (D) word
    (E) excel
  • 245 Personal computers can be connected together to form a?

    (A) server
    (B) supercomputer
    (C) network
    (D) enterprise
    (E) none of these
  • 246 Programmer who works in high level languages and have application understanding are considered as?

    (A) design programmers
    (B) applications programmer
    (C) analysis programmer
    (D) train programmers
    (E) None of these
  • 247 In computer programming, particular way in which data records are arranged into a specific manner is considered as?

    (A) organization
    (B) reorganized
    (C) managing
    (D) record storage
    (E) None of these
  • 248 Stock maintaining control system in store which consists hardware and software to contact and manage suppliers is called?

    (A) system
    (B) component classification
    (C) information processing system
    (D) operating system
    (E) None of these
  • 249 A device which uses small lever to control movement on screen is classified as?

    (A) joystick
    (B) light stick
    (C) digital stick
    (D) transmission stick
    (E) None of these
  • 250 Processing that is carried out by using remote terminal processors is called?

    (A) teleprocessing
    (B) digital processing
    (C) logic processing
    (D) remote processing
    (E) None of these
  • 251 A piece of data that can be transferred between CPU and backing store as a single unit is called?

    (A) block
    (B) streamer
    (C) cartridge
    (D) gaps
    (E) None of these
  • 252 Types of software programs usually includes?

    (A) application programs
    (B) replicate programs
    (C) mathematical operations
    (D) both a) and b)
    (E) None of these
  • 253 Techniques used in 'character recognition' includes?

    (A) optical character recognition
    (B) magnetic ink character recognition
    (C) optical mark reading
    (D) both a) and b)
    (E) None of these
  • 254 In line "110 DIM num(10)" in BASIC language, 'Line 110' declares?

    (A) one-dimensional array
    (B) two-dimensional array
    (C) three-dimension array
    (D) multi-dimension array
    (E) None of these
  • 255 A device used to print graphical output such as graphs and designs by computer on a paper is called?

    (A) printer
    (B) plotter
    (C) output processing unit
    (D) input processing unit
    (E) None of these
  • 256 A substitution cipher substitutes one symbol with?

    (A) Keys
    (B) Others
    (C) Multi Parties
    (D) Single Party
    (E) None of these
  • 257 An applet is a program written in Java on the?

    (A) Web
    (B) Server
    (C) Domain
    (D) HTML
    (E) None of these
  • 258 In version field of header IPv4, when machine is using some other version of IPv4 then datagram is?

    (A) discarded
    (B) terminated
    (C) switched
    (D) linked
    (E) None of these
  • 259 Size and format of physical addresses vary depending on the?

    (A) Receiver
    (B) Message
    (C) Sender
    (D) Network
    (E) None of these
  • 260 Period is inverse of?

    (A) Frequency
    (B) Phase
    (C) Amplitude
    (D) Signals
    (E) None of these
  • 261 Control frame that is sent by destination station is called?

    (A) clear to send
    (B) Request to sent
    (C) Distributed Interframe Space
    (D) Short Interframe Space
    (E) None of these
  • 262 Routing Information Protocol (RIP) cannot have more than 15 hops if Infinity is defined as?

    (A) 13
    (B) 14
    (C) 15
    (D) 16
    (E) None of these
  • 263 In Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA), if station senses medium before trying to use it then chance of collision can be?

    (A) Increased
    (B) Reduced
    (C) Highlighted
    (D) Decreased
    (E) None of these
  • 264 Transmission media are directly controlled by the?

    (A) physical layer
    (B) data link layer
    (C) network layer
    (D) session layer
    (E) None of these
  • 265 Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) differs from Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) because there is no?

    (A) bandwidth
    (B) link
    (C) carrier
    (D) timesharing
    (E) None of these
  • 266 Large collection of structured data and can be used in different applications is called?

    (A) database management
    (B) management system
    (C) database
    (D) data storage system
    (E) None of these
  • 267 On color screen, two bits are needed for?

    (A) two colors
    (B) four colors
    (C) eight colors
    (D) twelve colors
    (E) None of these
  • 268 Symbols such as letters or any digit are called?

    (A) characters
    (B) small bits
    (C) small bytes
    (D) output characters
    (E) None of these
  • 269 Programs used to control system performance are classified as?

    (A) experimental programs
    (B) system programs
    (C) specialized program
    (D) organized programs
    (E) None of these
  • 270 If number of 1s in any bit string are even, then bit string parity is classified as?

    (A) odd parity
    (B) even parity
    (C) zero parity
    (D) double parity
    (E) None of these

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