Objective General Knowledge (Pages :518)

  • 15391 Why is Louise Brown - born 1978 famous

    Ans : First test tube baby
  • 15392 The title of whose book translates as my struggle

    Ans : Adolf Hitler
  • 15393 Carlo Collodi created which famous children's character

    Ans : Pinocchio
  • 15394 1656 Christian Huygens invented what type of timekeeper

    Ans : Pendulum clock
  • 15395 What animals name translates as water horse

    Ans : Hippopotamus
  • 15396 In 1643 Evangalisa Torichelli invented the first what

    Ans : Barometer
  • 15397 What is the longest river in Italy

    Ans : Po
  • 15398 What does a polyandric women have more than one of

    Ans : Husband
  • 15399 In 1911 the archaeologist Hiram Bingham discovered what lost city

    Ans : Machu Picchu
  • 15400 In 1901 which brand of car was seen for the first time

    Ans : Mercedes
  • 15401 Brisbane is the state capital of which SE Australian state

    Ans : Queensland
  • 15402 What is the capitol of Morocco

    Ans : Rabat
  • 15403 Linus Torwalds invented and wrote what

    Ans : Linux computer operating system
  • 15404 Zambia and Zimbabwe used to be called what

    Ans : Rhodesia
  • 15405 What is the staple food of one third of the worlds population

    Ans : Rice
  • 15406 What digit does not exist in Roman Numerals

    Ans : Zero
  • 15407 Who was nicknames The desert Fox

    Ans : Erwin Rommel
  • 15408 Who performed the first heart transplant in South Africa

    Ans : Christian Barnard
  • 15409 What is the common name for the star Sirius

    Ans : Dog Star
  • 15410 What calculating aid was invented by William Oughtred in 1662

    Ans : Slide Rule
  • 15411 Which Athenian philosopher wrote nothing –but immortalised by Plato

    Ans : Socrates
  • 15412 Which European country is divided into areas called Cantons

    Ans : Switzerland
  • 15413 Which medical tool was developed by Sanctorius in 1612

    Ans : Thermometer
  • 15414 Who created Tarzan (all names) in 1914

    Ans : Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • 15415 Camellia Sinesis evergreen shrub better known as what

    Ans : Tea
  • 15416 In 1901 who first transmitted radio signals across Atlantic

    Ans : Marconi
  • 15417 Viticulture is the growing of what plants

    Ans : Vines
  • 15418 Angel falls Venezuela Highest whaterfalls but where second Highest

    Ans : Yosemite USA
  • 15419 What was the first credit card

    Ans : Diners Club
  • 15420 What was Charles Dickens last (unfinished) novel

    Ans : Mystery of Edwin Drood

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