Renaissance of Kerala (Pages :23)

  • 541 Who expounded the philosophy “Snehamanakhilasaramoozhiyil” (Love is all in this world) in his writings?

    Ans : Kumaranasan
  • 542 “Pracheena Malayalam” is authored by?

    Ans : Chattambi Swamikal
  • 543 The importance of 27th October 1946 in the history of Travancore?

    Ans : The Vayalar uprising
  • 544 Who was the exponent of Anandajathi?

    Ans : Brahmananda Sivayogi
  • 545 Who led ‘Mookkoothi Samaram’’?

    Ans : Arattupuzha Velayudha Panicker
  • 546 Sivagiri Pilgrimage begins in the month of?

    Ans : December
  • 547 Woman leader who became the president of Malabar Pradesh Congress Committee?

    Ans : AV Kuttimalu Amma
  • 548 Who constructed Paran Hall in memory of his father?

    Ans : C.Krishnan
  • 549 Name the prime minister who visited Kerala during the Liberation Struggle?

    Ans : Jawaharlal Nehru
  • 550 The dewan of Travancore against whom K.Ramakrishna Pillai launched vehement criticism?

    Ans : P.Rajagopalachari
  • 551 In which year Yogakshemasabha was founded?

    Ans : 1908
  • 552 In which year GP Pillai was born?

    Ans : 1864
  • 553 The publication of which newspaper was stopped in 1906 as the press caught fire?

    Ans : Sujananandini
  • 554 Who established places of worship known as ‘Nizhal thangal’?

    Ans : Ayya Vaikuntar
  • 555 Thycaud Ayya passed away in ____?

    Ans : 1909
  • 556 Who started the publication ‘Vidyalayam’?

    Ans : Moorkoth Kumaran
  • 557 In which year GP Pillai became secretary of Indian National Congress?

    Ans : 1894
  • 558 Who was the managing proprietor of Swadeshabhimani newspaper when it was confiscated by the Government of Travancore in 1910?

    Ans : K.Ramakrishna Pillai
  • 559 Who wrote ‘Anandavimanam’?

    Ans : Brahmananda Sivayogi
  • 560 The social reformer whose mother’s name was Kuttiyamma?

    Ans : Sree Narayana Guru
  • 561 Sahodaran Ayyappan memorial is at?

    Ans : Idappally
  • 562 Who is the author of the book ‘Brahmarshi Sree Narayana Guru’ which is selected by National Academy of Letters to translate into 23 languages including English?

    Ans : T.Bhaskaran
  • 563 The temple where Sree Narayana Guru met Chattampi Swamikal for the first time?

    Ans : Aniyoor
  • 564 Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi founded?

    Ans : Ananda Maha Sabha
  • 565 ‘No to argue or win but to know and inform’ which conference is related to this motto?

    Ans : Aluva conference
  • 566 The motto of Kerala Sasthra Sahitya Parishad?

    Ans : Sasthram Samoohika Viplavathinu
  • 567 The organisation in Kerala which was founded in the lines of Servants of India Society?

    Ans : Nair Service Society
  • 568 Yogakshemasabha aimed at the welfare of ____?

    Ans : Brahmins
  • 569 In which district Vakkom Abdul Khadir Moulaviwas born in 1873?

    Ans : Thiruvananthapuram
  • 570 The first secretary of N.S.S?

    Ans : Mannath Padmanabhan

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