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  • 61 Treaty which ended the Ruso-Japanese battle of 1905?

    Ans : Treaty of Portsmouth
  • 62 Co-operative movement was started in England in 1821by?

    Ans : Robert Oven
  • 63 Small Island where Columbus landed in 1492?

    Ans : Wattlings Island
  • 64 Amerigo Vespucci who identified America belonged to?

    Ans : Italy
  • 65 The petition submitted American colonists before king George III of England in 1774?

    Ans : Olive Branch Petition
  • 66 The Queen who was known as Madam Deficit?

    Ans : Mary Antoinet (France)
  • 67 Oath of Tennis Court is related to?

    Ans : French Revolution
  • 68 Water Loo where Napoleon was defeated is situated in?

    Ans : near Bressels in Belgium
  • 69 Napoleon died in the year??

    Ans : 1821
  • 70 Who is considered as the father of Scientific Socialism?

    Ans : Karl Marx
  • 71 Work which is considered as the birth cry of modern socialism?

    Ans : Communist Manfesto
  • 72 Open Door Policy was introduced by?

    Ans : USA
  • 73 The rebellion led by the peasants of Keniya against the British?

    Ans : Mau-Mau Rebellion
  • 74 Russian parliament was known as ?

    Ans : Duma
  • 75 Spy organisation formed by Germany during the second world war?

    Ans : Fifth Columists
  • 76 The police of USA which helped Britain and France during the Second World War ?

    Ans : Cash and Carry Policy
  • 77 Party which became prominent in Britain after the Second World War?

    Ans : Labour Party
  • 78 Trojan horse tactics was the policy adopted during the Second World War by?

    Ans : Germany
  • 79 Leader of Indonesian Nationalism ?

    Ans : Dr. Sukarno
  • 80 Vietnam’s freedom struggle was led by?

    Ans : Ho Chimin
  • 81 Who banned 'Shake Hand' in Italy in 1930?

    Ans : Benitto Mussolini
  • 82 Saudi Arabian king who gave the name to the country in 1925?

    Ans : Abdul Aziz Sand
  • 83 Persia came to be known as Iran from?

    Ans : 9th March 1935
  • 84 Symbol accepted by Hitler for German national flag?

    Ans : Swastika
  • 85 Lover of Hitler?

    Ans : Iva Brown
  • 86 Country ousted from League of Nations in 1939 ?

    Ans : U.S.S.R
  • 87 Hitler and his wife Iva Brown committed suicide in?

    Ans : 30-Apr-45
  • 88 Mussolini and his wife Claretta were killed by the Italian Guerillas in?

    Ans : 28-Apr-45
  • 89 Which city is called by its natives as 'The Big Apple'?

    Ans : NewYork
  • 90 Who questioned the Sale of Indulgence?

    Ans : Martin Luther

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