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  • 211 The form of democracy existed in Greek was ?

    Ans : Direct democracy
  • 212 Greek Civilisation reached the Zenith of its progress during the period of which ruler?

    Ans : Pericles; a ruler of Athens.
  • 213 Whose reign is considered as the 'Golden Age of Athens?

    Ans : Pericles
  • 214 Which city was known as "the School of Hellas"?

    Ans : Athens
  • 215 The civilisation of Greek city states is known as?

    Ans : Classical Civilisation
  • 216 Athens; Sparta; Corinth; Thebes; Mascedonia were the major city states in ?

    Ans : Greece
  • 217 Pindar was a famous?

    Ans : Greek Lyric Poet
  • 218 Who is the greatest of the Greek dramatists; who wrote famous tragedies?

    Ans : Aesceles
  • 219 Who were the first to introduce Vowels in the alphabet?

    Ans : The Greeks
  • 220 Herodotus who is considered as the Father of History was a great ?

    Ans : Greek historian who wrote about Persian War
  • 221 Demosthenese; who was he?

    Ans : A world famous Greek orator
  • 222 Who is considered as the father of Greek Mathematics?

    Ans : Thales of Meletus
  • 223 Pythagoras who made great contributions in Geometry belongs to?

    Ans : Greek
  • 224 Anaxagoras and Euclid were famous Mathematicians from ?

    Ans : Greek
  • 225 Hippocrates; who is considered as the father of Medical Science was a ?

    Ans : Greek
  • 226 Who is considered as the father of Modem History ?

    Ans : Leopold Van Ranke; a German historian
  • 227 Who wrote the history of the Peloponnesian war between Athens and Sparta?

    Ans : Thucydides; a Greek historian
  • 228 Socrates the Greatest of the Greek philosphers was forced to commit suicide by drinking which poison ?

    Ans : Hemlock; in 399 BC
  • 229 Who was the wife of Socrates?

    Ans : Zantippee
  • 230 Plato was the student of?

    Ans : Socrates
  • 231 Plato's original name was ?

    Ans : Aristocles
  • 232 Who founded a university named' Academy' in Athens?

    Ans : Plato
  • 233 ‘The Republic’ was the famous work of?

    Ans : Plato
  • 234 Aristotle was the famous student of?

    Ans : Plato
  • 235 Who was the tutor of Alexander the Great?

    Ans : Aristotle
  • 236 Who founded a school named Lycium in Athens ?

    Ans : Aristotle
  • 237 Who is considered as the father of Biology?

    Ans : Aristotle
  • 238 Who is considered as the father of the Science of Reasoning?

    Ans : Aristotle
  • 239 Who is considered as the father of Politics?

    Ans : Aristotle
  • 240 Which philospher was considered as a 'Walking University'?

    Ans : Aristotle

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