Constitution of India - MCQs (Pages :104)

  • 2971 Which state's Lokayukta's office is considered to be the strongest in terms of power and scope?

    (A) Bihar
    (B) Karnataka
    (C) Andhra Pradesh
    (D) Maharashtra
  • 2972 Which was the first Indian state to establish the institution of Lokayukta?

    (A) Bihar
    (B) Uttar Pradesh
    (C) Andhra Pradesh
    (D) Maharashtra
  • 2973 Who administers the oath of office to newly-appointed Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) and Chief Information Commissioner (CIC)?

    (A) President
    (B) Chief justice of India
    (C) CBI Chief
    (D) Any sitting Judge of Supreme Court
  • 2974 Who among the following appoints a Judge in the High Court of Indian state?

    (A) President with advice of Chief Justice of India
    (B) President with Advice of Prime Minister
    (C) Law Ministry
    (D) President with Advice of a collegium of Judges
  • 2975 Who among the following appoints Attorney General of India?

    (A) President
    (B) Prime minister
    (C) Law Ministry
    (D) Cabinet Committee on Appointments
  • 2976 Who among the following appoints the Chairman of State Public Service commission?

    (A) President
    (B) Governor
    (C) Prime minister
    (D) Chief minister
  • 2977 Who among the following appoints the Chief Justice and other Judges of the Supreme Court?

    (A) Prime minister
    (B) Vice-president
    (C) Home minister
    (D) President
  • 2978 Who among the following appoints/ nominates the chairperson of the National Commission for Women?

    (A) President
    (B) Central Government
    (C) Vice President
    (D) President on recommendation of a Parliament committee
  • 2979 Who among the following became the first High court / Supreme Court Judge in India to voluntarily make his assets public in 2009?

    (A) Justice R K Lodha
    (B) Justice K Kannan
    (C) Justice C.Nagappan
    (D) Justice Elipe Dharma Rao
  • 2980 Who among the following called as the first citizen of Mumbai?

    (A) Governor of Maharastra
    (B) Chief Minister of Maharastra
    (C) Sheriff
    (D) Mayor
  • 2981 Who among the following can be a chairman of the National Human Rights Commission?

    (A) Any serving judge of Supreme Court
    (B) Any retired Judge of Supreme Court
    (C) Serving Chief justice of India
    (D) Retired Chief Justice of India
  • 2982 Who among the following can be appointed as ad hoc judges of Supreme Court?

    (A) Only Retired Judges of Supreme Court
    (B) Only those qualified for appointed as judge of Supreme Court
    (C) Only Retired Judges of High Courts
    (D) District judges
  • Explanation: If there is a lack of quorum of the permanent judges to hold or continue any session of the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice of India can appoint a judge of a High Court as an ad hoc judge after consultation with the chief justice of the High Court concerned and with the previous consent of the president.
  • 2983 Who among the following can dismiss Governor of a state from his office?

    (A) State Legislative Assembly
    (B) Parliament
    (C) President
    (D) None of them
  • Explanation: The Governor of a state in India is the agent of the President and holds office during the pleasure of the president
  • 2984 Who among the following can establish a common high court for two or more states / or Union Territories in India?

    (A) President
    (B) Supreme court
    (C) Governors of the two states
    (D) Parliament by The Law
  • 2985 Who among the following can establish an Inter-State Council?

    (A) President
    (B) Supreme court
    (C) Prime minister
    (D) Parliament
  • Explanation: Inter State council is a constitutional body set up on the basis of provisions in Article 263 of the Constitution of India by a Presidential Orde
  • 2986 Who among the following can pardon the Capital Punishment?

    (A) President; Governor and Administrator of Union Territory
    (B) President & Governor
    (C) President & Administrator of Union Territory
    (D) Only President
  • 2987 Who among the following can recommend the removal of the Chairman of UPSC to the President?

    (A) Vice President
    (B) Supreme Court
    (C) Minister of Human Resources
    (D) None of the above
  • 2988 Who among the following can remove the governor of a state from office?

    (A) Legislative Assembly
    (B) Parliament
    (C) President
    (D) Supreme Court
  • Explanation:
  • 2989 Who among the following can suspend the fundamental rights?

    (A) Parliament
    (B) President
    (C) Prime minister
    (D) Supreme court
  • Explanation: During national emergency, all the basic freedoms guaranteed by article 19 automatically get suspended. During emergency, President can suspend all other fundamental rights also except Article 20 (protection in respect of conviction for offences) and Article 21 (Protection of life and personal liberty). Such suspension needs parliamentary approval.
  • 2990 Who among the following Chief Election Commissioners of India also served as first Chief Election Commissioner in Nepal and Sudan?

    (A) Sukumar Sen
    (B) K V K Sundaram
    (C) S P Sen verma
    (D) Dr. Nagendra Singh
  • 2991 Who among the following coined the term zero hour?

    (A) Constitution assembly
    (B) Dr. B R Ambedkar
    (C) Indira Gandhi
    (D) Press
  • Explanation: Please note that this term was coined by the press in 1960s and there is no mention in parliamentary procedure rules
  • 2992 Who among the following decides on the matter of disqualification of a Member of Rajya Sabha?

    (A) Parliament of India by resolution
    (B) Election Commission of India
    (C) President by advice of Parliament
    (D) President by advice of Election Commission
  • 2993 Who among the following decides the Foreign Policy of India?

    (A) President
    (B) Prime minister
    (C) Parliament
    (D) Council of ministers
  • 2994 Who among the following decides whether a bill is money bill or not?

    (A) Prime Minister
    (B) Council of Ministers
    (C) Lok Sabha Speaker
    (D) Lok Sabha Secretary
  • Explanation: Only those financial bills which contain provisions exclusively on matters listed in article 110 of the constitution are called Money Bills. Question of whether a financial bill is money bill or not, is decided by Speaker. Such bill needs to be endorsed by Speaker when passed by Lok Sabha and sent to Rajya Sabha.
  • 2995 Who among the following determines the qualifications which shall be requisite for appointment as members of the Finance Commission in India?

    (A) President of India
    (B) Council of Ministers
    (C) Parliament by an act
    (D) Union Cabinet
  • Explanation: Article 280 (2) (2) Parliament may by law determine the qualifications which shall be requisite for appointment as members of the Commission and the manner in which they shall be selected. In context with the above article, the parliament enacted the Finance Commission (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1951
  • 2996 Who among the following does not give his resignation to the president of India?

    (A) Attorney General Of India
    (B) Governors of the states
    (C) Comptroller and Auditor General of India
    (D) Lok Sabha Speaker
  • 2997 Who among the following fixed August 16, 1946 as ” Direct Action Day”?

    (A) Jawahr Lal Nehru
    (B) Muslim League
    (C) British Authorities
    (D) Mahatma Gandhi
  • 2998 Who among the following former Prime Ministers of India ,never served as Chief minister of Indian state?

    (A) Morar Ji Desai
    (B) Chandra Shekhar
    (C) V P Singh
    (D) P V Narsimharao
  • 2999 Who among the following founded the Indian Statistical Institute?

    (A) Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis
    (B) Calyampudi Radhakrishna Rao
    (C) S. N. Roy
    (D) S. S. Shrikhande
  • 3000 Who among the following functions as a Constitutional Ruler and an agent of the centre?

    (A) President
    (B) Vice President
    (C) Governor
    (D) Comptroller and Auditor General

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