Constitution of India (Objective) (Pages :14)

  • 361 Who is the constitutional head of the Indian union?

    Ans : President of India
  • 362 Who is the current and 15th Attorney General of India?

    Ans : K.K. Venugopal
  • 363 Who is the current Chairman of Rajya Sabha as of 2017?

    Ans : Mohammad Hamid Ansari(vice-president)
  • 364 Who is the current Chief Justice of India as of 2017?

    Ans : Dipak Misra is the current Chief Justice of India?
  • 365 Who is the current Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha as of 2017?

    Ans : M. Thambidurai
  • 366 Who is the current leader of the upper house ‘Rajya Sabha’?

    Ans : Arun Jaitley
  • 367 Who is the current Speaker of the Lok Sabha as of 2017?

    Ans : Sumitra Mahajan
  • 368 Who is the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha as of 2017?

    Ans : P. J. Kurien
  • 369 Who is the famous writer of ‘Introduction to the Constitution of India’?

    Ans : Durga Das Basu
  • 370 Who is the first Deputy Prime Minister of India?

    Ans : Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel(1947-1950)
  • 371 Who is the first President of India?

    Ans : Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  • 372 Who is the Head of two house of Parliament?

    Ans : President
  • 373 Who is the inaugural Prime Minister of India?

    Ans : Jawaharlal Nehru (1947-1964)
  • 374 Who is the leader of the lower house Lok Sabha?

    Ans : Narendra Modi (Prime Minister)BJP
  • 375 Who is the longest serving Chief Minister in India?

    Ans : Jyoti Basu
  • 376 Who is the only person holding the right of appointment of Chief Justice of India?

    Ans : President of India
  • 377 Who is the Chairman of the Union Cabinet?

    Ans : Prime Minister is the chairman of Union Cabinet
  • 378 Who led the first minority government of the country.?

    Ans : VP Singh
  • 379 Who led the nation's first non-Congress government.?

    Ans : Morazji Desai
  • 380 Who presided over the inaugural meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India?

    Ans : Sachidananda Sinha
  • 381 Who said this famous constitutional quote that “Law and order are the medicine of the body politic and when the body politic gets sick, medicine must be administered.”

    Ans : Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar
  • 382 Who said this famous quote that “Constitution is not a mere lawyers document, it is a vehicle of Life, and its spirit is always the spirit of Age.”?

    Ans : Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar
  • 383 Who was described as "Millowner, Merchant and Zamindar"?

    Ans : G.D.Birla
  • 384 Who was elected the president of Constituent Assembly after Sacchidananda Sinha?

    Ans : Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  • 385 Who was made the Home Minister when Jawaharlal Nehru formed the Interim Government in 1946?

    Ans : Sardar Vallabhai Patel
  • 386 Who was responsible for the unification of India after Independence.?

    Ans : Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
  • 387 Who was the British Prime Minister during India’s Independence?

    Ans : Clement Atlee
  • 388 Who was the chairman of the Minorities Committee?

    Ans : Harendra Coomar Mukerjee
  • 389 Who was the first woman president of the Indian National Congress?

    Ans : Mrs. Annie Besant
  • 390 Who was the first temporary ‘two day’ president of the Constituent Assembly?

    Ans : Sachchidananda Sinha

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