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  • 31 In which year the High Court of Travancore was established?

    Ans : 1887
  • 32 Who was the first Chief Justice of Travancore High Court?

    Ans : Ramachandra Iyer
  • 33 Which Diwan established law court in Kochi?

    Ans : Col. Munro in 1812 AD
  • 34 The Huzur court was reconstructed as?

    Ans : The Raja's Court of Appeal
  • 35 The Raja's court of appeal was reconstituted as the Chief Court of Cochin in?

    Ans : 1900
  • 36 The Chief Court became the High Court during the diwanship of?

    Ans : Shanmukham Chettiyar
  • 37 The integration of Tranvancore - Cochin state after independence took place on?

    Ans : 1st July 1949;
  • 38 After independence on which date the High Court of Travancore- Cochin was inaugurated with its seat at Ernakulam?

    Ans : 7th of July 1949
  • 39 Who was the last Chief Justice of Travaneore High Court?

    Ans : Puthupally Krishna Pillai
  • 40 UnionTerritory of Lakshadweep is under the jurisdiction of which High Court?

    Ans : Kerala High Court
  • 41 Who was the first woman Chief Justice of Kerala high court?

    Ans : Sujatha V. Manohar (1994)
  • 42 Who was the first Malayalee woman Chief Justice of Kerala High Court?

    Ans : K.K. Usha
  • 43 The first Lok Adalat was held in 1986 at?

    Ans : Chennai
  • 44 In Kerala Lok Adalat is conducted by?

    Ans : Kerala State Legal Services Authority
  • 45 The Kerala Judicial Academy is now housed in?

    Ans : Ram Mohan Palace
  • 46 Which institution in Kerala deals with activities related to Judicial education; Training and Research?

    Ans : Kerala Judicial Academy
  • 47 What is the total number of Additional District Courts in Kerala?

    Ans : 29
  • 48 What is the total number of fast track courts functioning in Kerala?

    Ans : 38
  • 49 Where is the special court for the trial of Essential Commodities Act cases located?

    Ans : Thrissur
  • 50 What is the total number of Wakf Tribunals in the State?

    Ans : 3
  • 51 What is the total number of family courts in the state?

    Ans : 16
  • 52 Which is the predecessor of the Kerala Judicial Academy established in 2005?

    Ans : Directorate of Training started in 1986
  • 53 First District jail was established at Kozhikkode in the year?

    Ans : 1861
  • 54 First Open Prison was established at Nettukaltheri Trivandrum in the year?

    Ans : 1962
  • 55 The first women's prison was established in 1996 at?

    Ans : Neyyattinkara; Trivandrum
  • 56 Which are the 3 central prisons in Kerala?

    Ans : Trivandrum Viyyur (Thrissur) and Kannur
  • 57 Which was the first central jail established in Kerala?

    Ans : Kannur Central Prison-1969
  • 58 Headquarters of Kerala Police is located in?

    Ans : Thiruvananthapuram
  • 59 What is the motto of the Kerala Police force?

    Ans : 'Mridhu bhava dhruda krithye' which means 'soft in Temperament; firm in action' in Sanskrit
  • 60 was the first woman judge of India?

    Ans : Justice Anna Chandy -1937

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