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  • 31 Perceolis was the capital of the ancient Empire?

    Ans : Persia
  • 32 The hanging gardens of Babilona was built in the name of?

    Ans : Nebuchandnessar
  • 33 Only South East Asian country never occupied by any European powers?

    Ans : Thailand
  • 34 Famous chinese king Shihuangti belonged to?

    Ans : Chin dynasty
  • 35 Which ancient civilisation was famous for secular architecture?

    Ans : Persian
  • 36 The tutelary diety of the city 'UR' in Mesopotamia ?

    Ans : Nannar
  • 37 The Mayan calendar had?

    Ans : 18 months
  • 38 Buddhism reached China from India during the period of?

    Ans : Han dynasty
  • 39 Golden Age of Rome is the period of?

    Ans : Augustus Caesar
  • 40 Most cultured civilisation of Middle Ages was of?

    Ans : Arabs
  • 41 Which was the language of learning of the Middle Ages?

    Ans : Latin
  • 42 First university in the world was started in ?

    Ans : Paris
  • 43 Which subject was known as Queen of Sciences during the Middle Ages?

    Ans : Theology
  • 44 Who was the immediate successor of prophet Muhammed or first Khalifa?

    Ans : Abubekker
  • 45 Capital of Arab Empire during the Abbsasid rule?

    Ans : Baghdad
  • 46 First Industrially developed country in Asia?

    Ans : Japan
  • 47 The Capital of Japan in the 8th Century?

    Ans : Nara
  • 48 Ancient religion of Japan?

    Ans : Shintoism
  • 49 Architectural style developed in France?

    Ans : Goethic
  • 50 The mount where Saint Benedict founded his monastery?

    Ans : Monte Cassino
  • 51 Holy Ka aba was built by?

    Ans : Prophet Ebrahim
  • 52 The capture of Constantinople by the Suljek Turks resulted in the decline of?

    Ans : Byzantine Empire
  • 53 The prophet of French Revolution?

    Ans : Rousseau
  • 54 Nationalisation of Suez Canal was done by?

    Ans : Col.Gamal Abdul Nazar of Egypt
  • 55 Japanese Parliament is known as?

    Ans : Diet
  • 56 Battle in which Napolean was defeated in 1815?

    Ans : Battle of Trafalgar
  • 57 Unification of Germany was done by ?

    Ans : Bismark
  • 58 Pakistan President who was hanged to death in 1979?

    Ans : Sulfiker Ali Bhuto
  • 59 English king who was trialed and executed publically in 1649?

    Ans : Charles I
  • 60 English king who signed the Magnacarta in 1215?

    Ans : John

"Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent than the one derived from fear of punishment"

- Mahatma Gandhi
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