Indian Economy MCQ (Pages :37)

  • 61 As per the National Population Policy of India 2000, by which year the govt. aims to achieve the long term objective of Population stability?

    (A) 2020
    (B) 2025
    (C) 2040
    (D) 2045
  • 62 As we all know that economic liberalization began in true sense in July 1991 in India. Which among the following was the first step of the government while taking the country towards Economic Liberalization?

    (A) Substantial changes in industrial license policy were made
    (B) The Rupee was made convertible
    (C) Procedural formalities for Foreign direct Investment were removed
    (D) The government significantly reduced the taxes
  • 63 As we know that RBI has two departments Issue Department and Banking Department. Which among them is responsible for maintaining a Minimum reserve system against printing of currency notes?

    (A) Issue Department
    (B) Banking Department
    (C) Both 1 & 2
    (D) None of the above
  • 64 As we know that RBI reviews its monetary policy and makes adjustments in the interest rates. Which among the following will not happen if interest rates are reduced a little?

    (A) The cost of capital is reduced
    (B) Growth & investment will stimulate
    (C) Increase the burden of the corporate
    (D) All are happen
  • It decreases the burden of corporate
  • 65 ASHA is a government of India Scheme related to which among the following Flagship Programmes?

    (A) Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
    (B) National Rural Health Mission
    (C) Integrated Child Development Services Scheme
    (D) Bharat Nirman
  • ASHA or Accredited Social Health Activist is a trained female community health activist as a key component of the National Rural Health Mission under National Health Mission. She is selected from the village itself and works as a link between community and public health system.
  • 66 Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 started from which of the following countries?

    (A) Myanmar
    (B) Thailand
    (C) Cambodia
    (D) Malaysia
  • 67 Asset Reconstruction Company of India (ARCIL) has been launched to deal primarily with ____?

    (A) Infrastructure Lending
    (B) Asset Planning
    (C) Non-performing Assets
    (D) Credit Rating
  • 68 At which among the following places, the Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture is located?

    (A) Bhopal
    (B) Varnasi
    (C) Lucknow
    (D) Bangalore
  • 69 At which of the following levels , Central Cooperative Banks are established in India?

    (A) District Level
    (B) State Level
    (C) Inter-state level
    (D) India Level
  • 70 At which of the following place coins are not minted in India?

    (A) Hyderabd
    (B) Mumbai
    (C) Noida
    (D) Dewas
  • 71 At which of the following places first Land Development Bank was established in India?

    (A) Punjab
    (B) Mumbai
    (C) Madras
    (D) Pune
  • The first LDB was started at Jhang in Punjab in 1920. They were called Land Mortgage banks at that time.
  • 72 At which of the following places the Accountancy Museum is located in India?

    (A) Bangalore
    (B) Chennai
    (C) Hyderabad
    (D) Noida
  • 73 At which of the following rate, RBI discounts bills of commercial Banks?

    (A) Bank Rate
    (B) Repo Rate
    (C) Reverse Repo Rate
    (D) None of the above
  • 74 Bank Rate is defined as the rate at which:?

    (A) RBI lends short term loans to commercial banks
    (B) a commercial bank can lend to its customers
    (C) RBI lends long term loans to commercial banks
    (D) the commercial banks are able to borrow overnight funds from RBI
  • Bank rate is the rate of interest which a central bank charges on the long term loans and advances that it extends to commercial banks and other financial intermediaries.
  • 75 Bankex is a banking sector index of ______?

    (A) Bombay Stock Exchange BSE
    (B) National Stock Exchange NSE
    (C) Delhi Stock Exchange DSE
    (D) None of the above
  • 76 Base rate System which is the new reference rate for determining lending rates for banks. The Base Rate System would bring in more transparency to loan pricing for customers. On which date is being introduced in India?

    (A) April 1; 2010
    (B) June 1; 2010
    (C) July 1; 2010
    (D) January 1; 2011
  • 77 Before independence , which of the following country was India’s largest trade partner?

    (A) UK
    (B) USSR
    (C) USA
    (D) Germany
  • 78 Berne Convention is most closely related to ___?

    (A) Trade Related Measures
    (B) Copy rights
    (C) Agricultural Market Access
    (D) Global warming
  • Copyright entered the international arena with the Berne Convention for the protection of literary and artistic works
  • 79 Besides refinance assistance which is the major function of NABARD, it gives loans to __________?

    (A) banks which are channeled to the rural sector
    (B) banks which are channeled to the urban sector
    (C) banks and state governments which are channeled to the rural sector
    (D) banks and state governments which are channeled to the urban sector
  • 80 Bhargava Formula is related to which of the following commodities?

    (A) Oil
    (B) Sugar
    (C) Wheat
    (D) Pulses
  • 81 BIFR was established under Sick Industrial Companies Act 1985, to deal with the problems of industrial sickness with regard to the crucial sectors where public money is locked up. What is correct expansion of BIFR?

    (A) Bank of Industrial and Finance Reconstruction
    (B) Board of Industrial and Finance Reconstruction
    (C) Board of Industries for Finance Reconstruction
    (D) Board of Industries for Finance Recapitalization
  • 82 Birth rate is number of births per ………….of the population during one year.?

    (A) 100
    (B) 1000
    (C) 10000
    (D) 100000
  • Births are usually measured using the birth rate i.e. the number of live births per 1,000 people. Deaths are usually measured using the death rate i.e. the number of deaths per 1,000 people. Migrations is the movement of people in and out of an area. Births and deaths are the natural causes of population change. The difference between the birth rate and the death rate of a country is called the natural growth rate
  • 83 Bombay Plan was presented in which year?

    (A) 1934
    (B) 1940
    (C) 1942
    (D) 1944
  • 84 Bring out the only statement, which is not fully correct:?

    (A) An increase in the supply of money will always result in inflation
    (B) Inflation occurs when the value of money declines
    (C) Cost inflation occurs when prices rise to cover increased factor costs
    (D) Inflation will have the effect of redistributing incomes within a country
  • An increase in money supply will NOT Always result in inflation. An increase in the money supply can cause a sustained increase in real production instead of inflation in the aftermath of a recession, when many resources are underutilized. However, it should not be trapped in the financial system as excess reserves.
  • 85 Bring out the only wrong statement :?

    (A) Oil India Ltd was incorporated in collaboration with Burmah Oil Company
    (B) Till Independence; Assam was the only oil producing state in India
    (C) Mumbai High are the richest oil fields in the country
    (D) All are correct
  • 86 Bring out the qualitative control instrument of Reserve Bank of India from the given statements?

    (A) RBI increases Reverse Repo rate in the quarterly review of the monetary policy
    (B) RBI decreases the CRR rate in the quarterly review of the monetary policy
    (C) RBI decreases the Bank rate in the quarterly review of the monetary policy
    (D) RBI announces selective credit control in the quarterly review of the monetary policy
  • 87 By which year India will align its accounting practises with over 100 countries by adopting the International Financial Reporting Standards?

    (A) 2009
    (B) 2010
    (C) 2011
    (D) 2012
  • 88 CAMPA fund is related to which of the following?

    (A) Industrial Insurance
    (B) Environment protection by Industries
    (C) Industrial Employee Security
    (D) Provident Fund
  • Environment protection, Compensatory Afforestation Management and Planning Authority fund was rreated in 2004 to ensure that industrial units using forest lands deposit the net value of the diverted forestland with state governments for afforestation.
  • 89 Capitalism is based upon “Laissez-faire system”. What is “Laissez-faire system”?

    (A) No governmental intervention
    (B) Maximum governmental intervention
    (C) Role of Market Forces is Minimum
    (D) Limited government Intervention
  • Laissez faire refers to the economic policy of letting owners of industry and business set working conditions without interference. This policy favours a free market unregulated by the government. The term comes from a French phrase that means “let do”.
  • 90 Central Accounts Section of Reserve Bank of India is located at:?

    (A) Mumbai
    (B) Pune
    (C) Nagpur
    (D) Delhi

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