General Science (Pages :35)

  • 61 Apiculture is

    Ans : Honey making.
  • 62 Viticulture is?

    Ans : Grape cultivation.
  • 63 Vermiculture is?

    Ans : Breeding of worms useful to farmers.
  • 64 Floriculture is?

    Ans : Cultivation of flowering plants.
  • 65 Arboriculture is?

    Ans : Cultivation of tree and vegetables.
  • 66 Whis is the Smallest seeds?

    Ans : Orchid seeds
  • 67 Whis is the Largest leaf?

    Ans : Victoria regia
  • 68 India's national flower ?

    Ans : Lotus
  • 69 Whis is the Largest flower ?

    Ans : Rafflesia
  • 70 Whis is the Smallest flower?

    Ans : Wolffia or duck weed
  • 71 Whis is the Oldest living plant of the world ?

    Ans : Pinus
  • 72 What is the Study of trees ?

    Ans : dentrology
  • 73 Whis is the Largest trees in plant world ?

    Ans : Conifers
  • 74 TheFive kingdoms are Monera; Protista; Fungi; Plants and Animals. Five kingdom classification was developed by ?

    Ans : R.H.Whittaker
  • 75 Which together constitute the plants and animals of a region?

    Ans : Flora and Fauna
  • 76 The part of the earth and its atmosphere that is capable of supporting living things is?

    Ans : Biosphere.
  • 77 Conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into useful compounds like nitrates with the help of bacteria and fungi is known as ?

    Ans : Nitrogen Fixation
  • 78 The profuse amount of pollen grains liberated by pine forests at the time of pollination during the months of March-ApriI is referred to as ?

    Ans : Sulphur Showers.
  • 79 Araucaria embricate a gymnosperm plant is commonly known as ?

    Ans : 'Monkey's Puzzle'
  • 80 Litmus is obtained from?

    Ans : Lichen
  • 81 Cloves are dried flower buds of which plant?

    Ans : Syzygium aromaticum.
  • 82 The native place of potato; a tuber crop; is?

    Ans : America
  • 83 Vanilla; flavouring material; is extracted from the fruit of which orchid?

    Ans : Vanilla planlifolia.
  • 84 Rubber is obtained from the latex of ?

    Ans : Hevea brasiliensis.
  • 85 Cotton; jute; silk; wool; etc are natural fibres while _______is a an artificial fibre?

    Ans : Nylon
  • 86 What is the method of producing plants from minute plant fragments?

    Ans : Tissue culture
  • 87 Insectivorous plants obtain nitrogen from ?

    Ans : animal bodies.
  • 88 DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid) and RNA (Ribo Nucleic Acid) are the two kinds of ?

    Ans : Nucleic Acids.
  • 89 Organisms which obtain heir food from non-living material in their environment are called ?

    Ans : Saprophytes
  • 90 which grow in soil?

    Ans : Terrestrial

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