Indian Economy MCQ (Pages :37)

  • 901 Which among the following is used for a situation of “Too much money chasing too few goods?

    (A) Demand Pull Inflation
    (B) Cost pull inflation
    (C) Stagflation
    (D) Hyperinflation
  • 902 Which among the following is very similar to Hundi?

    (A) Promissory Note
    (B) Demand Draft
    (C) Bill of Exchange
    (D) Cheque
  • Hundis are Bill of Exchange written in vernacular languages.
  • 903 Which among the following is world’s largest foreign exchange market?

    (A) New York
    (B) London
    (C) Tokyo
    (D) Moscow
  • London followed by New York, Tokyo, Zurich and Frankfurt.
  • 904 Which among the following maintains Real Time Gross Settlement?

    (A) Reserve Bank of India
    (B) Asian Development Bank
    (C) World Bank
    (D) State Bank of India
  • 905 Which among the following may not be a consequence of Inflation?

    (A) Higher speculative investments
    (B) Equal distribution of Income
    (C) Fall in Real Income of Salaried people
    (D) Higher Production
  • 906 Which among the following may not lead to Inflation?

    (A) Deficit Financing of Government Spending
    (B) High Indirect Taxes
    (C) Drop in Currency Rates
    (D) Drop in public expenditure
  • 907 Which among the following measure of controlling inflation can be taken up by Reserve Bank of India & not by Government of India?

    (A) Introducing a progressive tax system
    (B) Control over public expenditures
    (C) Rationing of credit
    (D) Improving profits of public sector
  • 908 Which among the following method includes planning process and plan implementation to the grass root levels?

    (A) Totalitarian Planning
    (B) Democratic Planning
    (C) Indicative Planning
    (D) Decentralized Planning
  • 909 Which among the following Ministries of India publishes the Employment News?

    (A) Ministry of Labour & Employment
    (B) Ministry of Communication
    (C) Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
    (D) Ministry of Education
  • 910 Which among the following Ministry is running the “Village Grain Bank Scheme”?

    (A) Ministry of Agriculture
    (B) Ministry of Food and Public Distribution
    (C) Ministry of Tribal Affairs
    (D) Ministry of Rural Development
  • Village Grain Bank Scheme was launched in 1997 under the `Ministry of Tribal Affairs` for establishing the grains Banks in 11 states with maximum tribal population. Now this scheme has been transferred to the Ministry of Food and Public Distribution.
  • 911 Which among the following organization helps world’s poorest countries?

    (A) IMF
    (B) IBRD
    (C) IDA
    (D) ADB
  • The International Development Association (IDA) is the part of the World Bank that helps the world’s poorest countries. It complements the World Bank’s other lending arm — the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) — which serves middle-income countries with capital investment and advisory services.
  • 912 Which among the following organization issues letters of assist?

    (A) United Nations
    (B) World Bank
    (C) International Monetary Fund
    (D) World Economic Forum
  • 913 Which among the following organizations holds the largest stake in India’s top depository, National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL)?

    (A) National Stock Exchange
    (B) IDBI Bank
    (C) Specified Undertaking of the Unit Trust of India (SUUTI)
    (D) Bombay Stock Exchange
  • 914 Which among the following organizations in India implements the Indian Development and Economic Assistance Scheme (IDEAS)?

    (A) Reserve Bank of India
    (B) NABARD
    (C) SIDBI
    (D) EXIM Bank
  • 915 Which among the following organizations is the apex body in cooperative sector and deals in procurement , distribution, export and import of selected agricultural commodities?

    (A) NAFED
    (B) NABARD
    (C) SIDBI
    (D) IDBI
  • National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd.(NAFED) was established 2nd October
  • 916 Which among the following organizations occupies the Centre William Rappard building in Geneva, Switzerland?

    (A) International Labour Organization
    (B) World Trade Organization
    (C) UNESCO
    (D) World Health Organization
  • Centre William Rappard is known as the first building in Geneva designed to house an international organization and was originally occupied by International labour Organization. ILO`s office was shifted to Grand Saconnex. Later it was occupied by GATT which was replaces by World Trade Organization in 1995.
  • 917 Which among the following organizations releases from time to time the publication titled “Database on Indian Economy”?

    (A) Central Statistical organization
    (B) National Sample Survey Organization
    (C) Department of Economic Affairs;
    (D) Reserve Bank of India
  • 918 Which among the following phrases generally denotes National Income?

    (A) Gross National Product at Market Prices
    (B) Net National Product at Market Prices
    (C) Gross National Product at Factor Cost
    (D) Net National Product at Factor Cost
  • 919 Which among the following plan document has a subtitle ” Inclusive growth”?

    (A) 10th Five year Plan
    (B) 11th Five year Plan
    (C) National Solar Mission
    (D) Bhart Nirman
  • 920 Which among the following prepares and releases “Global Gender Gap Report ” annually?

    (A) United Nations Development Programme
    (B) World Trade Organization
    (C) World Economic Forum
    (D) UNESCO
  • 921 Which among the following price indices is available on a weekly basis?

    (A) Consumer price Index for Rural Laborers
    (B) Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers
    (C) Wholesale Price Index
    (D) None of the above
  • 922 Which among the following products have Global Investment Horizon?

    (A) Gilt Edge Securities
    (B) Mutual Funds
    (C) Sovereign Wealth Funds
    (D) None of the above
  • 923 Which among the following programme was related to training of youths?

    (A) CAPART
    (B) TRYSEM
    (C) NEREGA
    (D) SGSA
  • Training of Rural Youth for Self-Employment (TRYSEM) was started in 1979
  • 924 Which among the following programme was started with the assistance ofFord Foundation?

    (A) Community Development Programme
    (B) Intensive Agriculture Development program (IADP)
    (C) Intensive Agriculture Area programme (IAAP)
    (D) High Yielding Variety Programme (HYVP)
  • 925 Which among the following programme was the brainchild of National Advisory Council of UPA government?

    (A) Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna
    (B) National Literacy Mission
    (C) National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
    (D) New Pension Scheme
  • 926 Which among the following programmes is NOT being implemented in India with assistance of World Bank?

    (A) National Vector Borne Disease Control and Polio Eradication
    (B) National Rural Livelihoods Project
    (C) PMGSY Rural Roads Project
    (D) Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project
  • 927 Which among the following published annual “Report on Currency & Finance”?

    (A) Central Statistical organization
    (B) Ministry of Finance; Government of India
    (C) Reserve Bank of India
    (D) Department of Economic Affairs
  • 928 Which among the following publishes World Investment Report?

    (A) World Bank
    (B) IMF
    (C) OECD
    (D) United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
  • 929 Which among the following rates play most important role in sucking out the liquidity in the system?

    (A) Repo Rate
    (B) Cash Reserve Ratio
    (C) Prime Lending Rate
    (D) BPLR
  • 930 Which among the following ratio correctly denotes the Insurance Penetration?

    (A) Premium Underwritten : Population
    (B) Premium Underwritten : GDP
    (C) Insured Population : Total Population
    (D) Premium Underwritten : Policy Holders

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