Indian Economy MCQ (Pages :37)

  • 991 Which of the following actions of Central Bank can increase deposit component of the money supply?

    (A) Increasing reserve requirements / decreasing the volume of reserves
    (B) Lowering reserve requirements / increasing volume of reserves
    (C) Lowering reserve requirements / decreasing the volume of reserves
    (D) Increasing reserve requirements / increasing volume of reserves
  • 992 Which of the following acts was amended by the parliament in 1989, with a view to restore the faith in business transactions through cheques and speedy remedy in case of bouncing cheques?

    (A) Negotiable instruments Act 1881
    (B) Companies Act 1956
    (C) Reserve Bank of India Act 1934
    (D) Banking Regulation Act; 1949
  • 993 Which of the following agencies started working under the aegis of Economic Commission for Asia and Far East?

    (A) Asian Development Bank
    (B) Asian Clearing Union
    (C) Bank of International settlement
    (D) International Fund for Agricultural Development
  • 994 Which of the following agricultural commodity of India gives largest in terms of export value?

    (A) Tea
    (B) Basmati Rice
    (C) spices
    (D) cotton
  • 995 Which of the following are the provisions of SARFAESI Act which enables banks to reduce their non-performing assets (NPAs) 1.%%Enforcement of Security Interest by secured creditor (Banks/ Financial Institutions). 2.%%Transfer of non- performing assets to asset reconstruction company , which will then dispose of those assets and realise the proceeds. 3.%%To provide a legal framework for securitization of assets. 4.%%Assisting banks in making the credibility track record of customers under Credit Information Bureau of India (CIBIL).?

    (A) 1 and 2
    (B) 1; 2 and 3
    (C) 2 3 and 4
    (D) 1; 2 3 and 4
  • 996 Which of the following authorities maintains the Rural infrastructure development fund (RIDF)?

    (A) RBI
    (B) SBI
    (C) NABARD
    (D) SIDBI
  • RIDF was set up in 1995-96 for financing ongoing rural Infrastructure projects
  • 997 Which of the following Banks launched Kisan Credit Card for the first time?

    (A) RBI
    (B) SBI
    (C) NABARD
    (D) SEBI
  • 998 Which of the following committee in India had for the first time recommended the privatization and restructure of LIC?

    (A) Malhotra Committee
    (B) Narsimham Committee
    (C) Raja Chelliah Committee
    (D) J Reddy Committee
  • 999 Which of the following committee is known to lay the foundation for induction of Computer Technology in the Indian Banking Sector?

    (A) Abid Hussein Committee
    (B) Dr. Rangarajan Committee
    (C) Narsimham Committee
    (D) Vijay kelker Committee
  • 1000 Which of the following committee recommended the Elimination of standard deduction?

    (A) Abid Hussain Committee
    (B) Vijay Kelkar Committee
    (C) Rangrajan Committee
    (D) Raja Chelliah Committee
  • 1001 Which of the following committee was constituted with focus on disinvestment?

    (A) Raja Chelliah Committee
    (B) G V Ramakrishna Committee
    (C) Chandra shekhar Committee
    (D) None of the above
  • 1002 Which of the following committee was related to Foreign Direct Investment?

    (A) NK Singh Committee
    (B) Chandra Shekhar Committee
    (C) Taraporewalla Committee
    (D) Rangarajan committee
  • 1003 Which of the following concept aims to bring the most of the rural persons in the net of financial and banking services?

    (A) Financial inclusion
    (B) credit management
    (C) Debt management
    (D) None of the above
  • 1004 Which of the following currency has the highest combined value of cash in circulation in the world?

    (A) Euro
    (B) Dollar
    (C) Ruppe
    (D) Yen
  • 1005 Which of the following decides the Minimum Support Prices on behalf of the Government of India?

    (A) Ministry of Agriculture
    (B) Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs
    (C) Agriculture Cost and Price Commission
    (D) None of Them
  • 1006 Which of the following Five year Plans set the lowest growth target?

    (A) 1st
    (B) 2nd
    (C) 3rd
    (D) 4th
  • 1007 Which of the following funds was established in India in 1992 to provide assistance to cover the costs of retraining and redeployment of employees arising as a result of modernization, technology up gradation and industrial restructuring.?

    (A) National Renewal Fund
    (B) National Insurance Fund
    (C) National Social Security Fund
    (D) National Provident Fund
  • The Government of India had announced to establish a National Renewal Fund (NRF) as a part of the slew of measures announced in New Industrial Policy of 1991. The Fund was later established in February, 1992 for a period of 10 years. The main objective of the National Renewal Fund was to provide a social safety net to the workers who are likely to be affected by technological up-gradation and modernisation in the Indian industry
  • 1008 Which of the following imaginary circumstances, the Reserve bank of India will opt to sell Government securities in the open market?

    (A) When the Foreign funds inflow is meek
    (B) When there is enormous Foreign Funds Inflow in the Indian Economy
    (C) When banks have low liquidity and need liquidity
    (D) When Government of India asks the RBI to sell securities
  • 1009 Which of the following income is common international poverty line?

    (A) US$ 1 per day
    (B) US$ 1.25 per day
    (C) US$ 1.50 per day
    (D) US$ 1.50 per day
  • 1010 Which of the following institution releases “World Economic Outlook Report”?

    (A) World Bank
    (B) Federal Reserve Bank
    (C) International Monetary Fund
    (D) International Finance Corporation
  • 1011 Which of the following institutions had its previous name as Export Risk Insurance Corporation?

    (A) Export Import Bank
    (B) Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India
    (C) Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
    (D) General Insurance Corporation
  • 1012 Which of the following is / are traded on National Spot Exchange of India?1.%%Shares 2.%%Commodities 3.%%Bonds Choose the correct option:?

    (A) 1 & 2 Only
    (B) 2 & 3 Only
    (C) 2 only
    (D) 1 & 3 Only
  • National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL) is a Commodities exchange in India, and is a joint venture of Financial Technologies (India) Ltd. (FTIL) and National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED). The exchange launched its live trading operations in different commodities on October 15th 2008
  • 1013 Which of the following is a correct full form of EBITDA?

    (A) earnings before interest; tax; depreciation adjustment
    (B) earnings before interest; tax; depreciation and amortization
    (C) earnings before income tax ; depreciation and amortization
    (D) None of the above
  • 1014 Which of the following is a standard for environmental management systems to be implemented in any business?

    (A) ISO 9000
    (B) ISO 19011
    (C) ISO 14000
    (D) ISO 15000
  • 1.%%ISO 4217 – Currency Codes 2.%%ISO 14000 – Environmental management 3.%%ISO 9000 – Quality Management Please note that ISO 10303 is known as “STEP”, which stands for “Standard for the Exchange of Product model data”.
  • 1015 Which of the following is an apex financing agency for the institutions providing investment and production credit for promoting the various developmental activities in rural areas?

    (A) RBI
    (B) NABARD
    (C) SIDBI
    (D) SBI
  • 1016 Which of the following is an initiative of European Union that involves the creation of a zone for the euro wherein all electronic payments are considered domestic, and a difference between national and intra-European cross border payments doesn’t exist?

    (A) Euro zone
    (B) Single Euro Payment Area
    (C) Eurocheque
    (D) None of the above
  • 1017 Which of the following is correct about a rupee coin in India?

    (A) Its face value is higher than its metallic value
    (B) Its metallic value is higher than its face value
    (C) the metallic value and face value are equal
    (D) none of the above
  • 1018 Which of the following is not a measure to control inflation adopted by the Government or RBI?

    (A) Monetary Policy
    (B) Fiscal Policy
    (C) Financial Inclusion
    (D) Price Control
  • 1019 Which of the following is not a traditional Rabi crop in India?

    (A) Chick pea
    (B) Mustard
    (C) Pigeon Pea
    (D) Wheat
  • Pigeon pea or Toor Dal is a traditionally Kharif crop sown in June-July with onset of monsoon in various agro-climatic zones in India. Others are Rabi crops.
  • 1020 Which of the following is the first state / UT to announce 100% financial inclusion in India?

    (A) Pondicherry
    (B) Karnataka
    (C) Tamilnadu
    (D) Telangana

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