One Word Substitution (Pages :34)

  • 991 Supreme law making assembly.

    Ans : Parliament
  • 992 Words alike in sound but different in meaning and spelling.

    Ans : Paronym
  • 993 Animals which live in water.

    Ans : Aquatic
  • 994 Words opposite in meaning.

    Ans : Antonym
  • 995 Word similar in meaning.

    Ans : Synonym
  • 996 Assembly of listeners.

    Ans : Audience
  • 997 A building in which soldiers live.

    Ans : Barrack
  • 998 That which can be heard.

    Ans : Audible
  • 999 That which can be seen.

    Ans : Visible
  • 1000 A judgement of a court.

    Ans : Decree
  • 1001 A killer of a king.

    Ans : Regicide
  • 1002 A killer of an infant.

    Ans : Infanticide
  • 1003 A legal advisor.

    Ans : Solicitor
  • 1004 A notice which is sent by a court.

    Ans : Summons
  • 1005 One who abstains from alcoholic drinks.

    Ans : Teetotaler
  • 1006 The state of living unmarried.

    Ans : Celibacy
  • 1007 An imaginary line round the earth.

    Ans : Equator
  • 1008 A place where orphans are housed.

    Ans : Orphanage

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