Indian Economy MCQ (Pages :37)

  • 1081 With which of the following countries, India signed first extradition treaty after independence?

    (A) Australia
    (B) USSR
    (C) USA
    (D) Belgium
  • 1082 With which of the following the fiscal policy is related to?

    (A) Open market Operations
    (B) Change in Reserve requirements
    (C) Liquidity Adjustment facility
    (D) Taxation and government spending
  • 1083 With which of the following WIPO is related to?

    (A) Investment
    (B) Intellectual property
    (C) International trade
    (D) Indigenous people
  • WIPO-World Intellectual Property Organization
  • 1084 With which of the following, Public Finance does not deal with?

    (A) Public Revenue
    (B) Public Expenditure
    (C) Money Supply
    (D) Financial Administration
  • 1085 Year 1921 is known as a year of “Great Divide” in the demographic history of India. After that in which decade there was a slight dip in the rate of decadal population growth in India?

    (A) 1921-31
    (B) 1931-41
    (C) 1941-51
    (D) 1951-61

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