Practice Multiple Choice Questions (Pages :44)

  • 1111 My mother asked me ____ I had not finished the work?

    (A) whether
    (B) when
    (C) how
    (D) why
  • 1112 'മിന്നുന്നതെല്ലാം പൊന്നല്ല' എന്ന മലയാളശൈലിയുടെ ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് പ്രയോഗമേത്?

    (A) Glitterings all are not gold
    (B) All glitterings are not gold
    (C) Not gold all are glitterings
    (D) All glitters are not gold
  • 1113 What a dirty city! എന്ന വാക്യത്തിന്‍റെ ഏറ്റവും ഉചിതമായ മലയാള വാക്യമേത്?

    (A) എന്തൊരു വൃത്തികെട്ട നഗരം
    (B) എത്ര വൃത്തികെട്ട നഗരം
    (C) എന്തു വൃത്തികെട്ട നഗരം
    (D) എങ്ങനെ വൃത്തികെട്ട നഗരം
  • 1114 Choose the correctly spelt word :?

    (A) Corrusponding
    (B) Coresponding
    (C) Corresponding
    (D) Correspunding
  • 1115 An Oncologist treats the patients suffering from :?

    (A) Tuberculosis
    (B) AIDS
    (C) Cancer
    (D) Diphtheria
  • 1116 If you had ordered it, I ______ it?

    (A) would arrange
    (B) will arrange
    (C) would have arrange
    (D) would have arranged
  • 1117 The word opposite in meaning to ‘novice’ is:?

    (A) virtue
    (B) rigid
    (C) veteran
    (D) blunt
  • 1118 The passive voice form of ‘They completed the project’ is:?

    (A) The project is completed
    (B) The project was being completed
    (C) The project was completed by them
    (D) The project will be completed
  • 1119 When I reached there, everybody ____ .?

    (A) left
    (B) had left
    (C) was left
    (D) have left
  • 1120 The phrase ‘magnum opus’ means :?

    (A) in bad faith
    (B) magnificient
    (C) method of working
    (D) a great composition
  • 1121 If DUCKS: QUACK, then HORSES: ______ .?

    (A) NEIGH
    (B) BLEAT
    (C) LISP
    (D) GRUNT
  • 1122 Collective noun for ‘guns’ is:?

    (A) covey
    (B) brace
    (C) battery
    (D) bask
  • 1123 The young one of a ‘pigeon’ is called:?

    (A) squab
    (B) bunny
    (C) cygnet
    (D) foal
  • 1124 Spider is related web, Bee is related to ____?

    (A) Aviary
    (B) Kennel
    (C) Apiary
    (D) Stable
  • 1125 The scientific study of ‘interpretation’ is :?

    (A) Hermeneutics
    (B) Semantics
    (C) Phonetics
    (D) Morphology
  • 1126 I am elder to you, _____?

    (A) aren't I?
    (B) am I?
    (C) amnʼt I?
    (D) are not I?
  • 1127 I met ____ university player.?

    (A) an
    (B) a
    (C) the
    (D) none of these
  • 1128 Fear of anything new is:?

    (A) Neophobia
    (B) Nephophobia
    (C) Noctiphobia
    (D) Nebulaphobia
  • 1129 The phrase ‘to give out’ means:?

    (A) to abandon
    (B) to yield
    (C) to announce
    (D) to distribute
  • 1130 A poem in the form of an address is:?

    (A) Sonnet
    (B) Dramatic monologue
    (C) Ode
    (D) Lullaby
  • 1131 Are you afraid ___ him?

    (A) off
    (B) of
    (C) by
    (D) at
  • 1132 Point out the error part in : He told me that I am an intelligent girl.?

    (A) He told me
    (B) That
    (C) I am
    (D) An intelligent girl
  • 1133 Necessity is the mother of _____.?

    (A) discovery
    (B) invention
    (C) finding
    (D) inventory
  • 1134 A synonym for 'barren' is :?

    (A) sterile
    (B) fertile
    (C) sluggish
    (D) fake
  • 1135 -------------- they may say, most countries normally do not like to change.?

    (A) Whenever
    (B) Whichever
    (C) Whoever
    (D) Whatever
  • 1136 It is two months — I went to the doctor.?

    (A) for
    (B) did
    (C) since
    (D) have
  • 1137 —------------- you invite him, he will not come.?

    (A) Even if
    (B) While
    (C) Whatever
    (D) That
  • 1138 I can't —----------------- your rudeness anymore.?

    (A) put dowո
    (B) put up with
    (C) put out
    (D) put off
  • 1139 Raju is a veteran in this field but his brother is only a?

    (A) natter
    (B) novice
    (C) nemesis
    (D) nexus
  • 1140 One word substitute for 'wild and noisy disorder or confusion is:?

    (A) Pandemonium
    (B) Pharmacopoeia
    (C) Phenomenon
    (D) Phrenology

"It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover"

- Henri Poincare
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