Practice Multiple Choice Questions (Pages :44)

  • 1141 Find out the correct spelling:?

    (A) bourgouis
    (B) boorshwa
    (C) buourgeois
    (D) bourgeois
  • 1142 “The pen is — than the sword'.?

    (A) stronger
    (B) powerful
    (C) mightier
    (D) forceful
  • 1143 She is — always going to meetings and organizing parties.?

    (A) as busy as a bee
    (B) beating around the bush
    (C) like a bump on a log
    (D) like a bull in a China shop
  • 1144 Last year he –---------- the SSLC Examination with distinction.?

    (A) has passed
    (B) had passed
    (C) passed
    (D) has been passing
  • 1145 Nothing will happen,?

    (A) won't it?
    (B) will it?
    (C) would it?
    (D) wouldn't it?
  • 1146 The man — writes the book is a friend of mine.?

    (A) which
    (B) that
    (C) whose
    (D) who
  • 1147 Mount Everest is — peak in the world.?

    (A) highest
    (B) the higher
    (C) the highest
    (D) higher than
  • 1148 He would buy a car,?

    (A) if he had had the money
    (B) if he has the money
    (C) if he have the money
    (D) if he had the money
  • 1149 It is impossible to separate belief—emotion.?

    (A) from
    (B) with
    (C) to
    (D) for
  • 1150 The corporation is spending a lot of money to the city.?

    (A) beauteous
    (B) beautiful
    (C) beautify
    (D) beautifier
  • 1151 Would you mind —------------- me a pen?

    (A) lend
    (B) lending
    (C) lended
    (D) lends
  • 1152 Neither the girl nor her brother — passed.?

    (A) have
    (B) did
    (C) do
    (D) has
  • 1153 "You are sometimes unwise’ means:?

    (A) you are not always wise
    (B) You are always wise
    (C) You are always unwise
    (D) You are a fool
  • 1154 Which of the following is correctly spelt?

    (A) Conoisseur
    (B) Connoiseur
    (C) Connoisseur
    (D) Conoiseur
  • 1155 Inscription on a gravestone is called?

    (A) epilogue
    (B) epitaph
    (C) obituary
    (D) prologue
  • 1156 ‘Carpe diem’ means:?

    (A) Enjoy the present day
    (B) best day
    (C) unrestricted authority
    (D) hated thing
  • 1157 The opposite of the word ‘persuade’ is -?

    (A) impersuade
    (B) unpersuade
    (C) inpersuade
    (D) dissuade
  • 1158 The Prime Minister winds up the Srilankan visit. Here 'winds up' means:?

    (A) begins
    (B) ends
    (C) continues
    (D) enjoys
  • 1159 Which among the following is a verb?

    (A) canvas
    (B) envelope
    (C) canvass
    (D) advice
  • 1160 The word 'clandestine' means :?

    (A) clear
    (B) tiresome
    (C) doubtful
    (D) secret
  • 1161 ‘A bridge was being built by them’. The active voice of the sentence is:?

    (A) They were building a bridge
    (B) They are building a bridge
    (C) They had built a bridge
    (D) They was building a bridge
  • 1162 He said, "I bought a house in Mumbai". The indirect speech of the sentence is :?

    (A) He said that he bought a house in Mumbai
    (B) He said that he was bought a house in M
    (C) He said that he had bought a house in Mumbai
    (D) He said that he has bought a house in Mumbai
  • 1163 He is as ____ as a bee.?

    (A) tricky
    (B) greedy
    (C) fresh
    (D) nimble
  • 1164 He took revenge his foes.?

    (A) for
    (B) on
    (C) by
    (D) in
  • 1165 He admitted his _____?

    (A) guilty
    (B) innocent
    (C) guilt
    (D) happy
  • 1166 If you had been more polite,?

    (A) he would have agreed
    (B) he could agree
    (C) he would agree
    (D) he has agreed
  • 1167 We _____ all yesterday.?

    (A) have worked
    (B) were worked
    (C) has worked
    (D) worked
  • 1168 I am not at all satisfied, _____?

    (A) aren't I
    (B) am I
    (C) are I
    (D) amn’t I
  • 1169 ‘It is a very wonderful opportunity’. The sentence is ______?

    (A) imperative
    (B) exclamatory
    (C) assertive
    (D) interrogative
  • 1170 Choose the incorrect part of the sentence.?

    (A) Much water /
    (B) has flown /
    (C) under /
    (D) the bridge

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress"

- Frederick Douglass
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