One Word Substitution (Pages :34)

  • 91 Science and technology of metals

    Ans : Metallurgy
  • 92 Science and philosophy of human law

    Ans : Jurisprudence
  • 93 Science and art of preparing and making good food

    Ans : Gastronomy
  • 94 The designing, building and flying of aircraft

    Ans : Aviation
  • 95 School for very young children

    Ans : Kindergarten
  • 96 Say in advance what is likely to happen

    Ans : Forecast/predict/Foretell
  • 97 Say aloud from memory

    Ans : Recite
  • 98 Saving of property from loss by fire

    Ans : Salvage
  • 99 Salt water lake separated from the sea by sand banks

    Ans : Lagoon
  • 100 Rules for formal behaviour among people

    Ans : Etiquette
  • 101 Room for washing kitchen utensils

    Ans : Scullery
  • 102 Roof supported by columns at the entrance of a building

    Ans : Portico / Porch
  • 103 Ritual washing of the body

    Ans : Ablution
  • 104 Rising in arms against an establishment/ government.

    Ans : Insurrection/Rebellion
  • 105 Resulting in death or ending in disaster

    Ans : Fatal
  • 106 Relation between different aspects of a thing.

    Ans : Perspective
  • 107 Reasoning power of the mind

    Ans : Intellect
  • 108 Receiving guests warmly

    Ans : Hospitality
  • 109 Record of events in the order of their happenings.

    Ans : Chronicle
  • 110 To raise a pattern or design on the surface of something.

    Ans : Emboss
  • 111 Quick to judge and understand

    Ans : Perspicacious
  • 112 Question or problem difficult to answer or understand.

    Ans : Puzzle/Riddle/Enigma
  • 113 Put under the surface of water

    Ans : Submerge
  • 114 Put off for a future time

    Ans : Postpone/ procrastinate
  • 115 Put into the form of a code

    Ans : Codify
  • 116 Pull out of usual shape

    Ans : Distort
  • 117 Property inherited from one's father

    Ans : Patrimony
  • 118 Producing a lot of books or other things

    Ans : Prolific
  • 119 Process of sewing designs on cloth or other materials.

    Ans : Embroidery
  • 120 Principle that the war should and could be abolished.

    Ans : Pacifism

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