Constitution of India (Objective) (Pages :14)

  • 91 How long the National Emergency can be imposed?

    Ans : Six months. May be extended by six month on Parliamentary approval.
  • 92 How long the President’s rule can be continued as per constitution?

    Ans : 3 Years on approval of Parliament in every 6 months.
  • 93 How many days-time is given for the candidates to file their nominations from the date of notification of the election?

    Ans : 8 Clays
  • 94 How many languages have been originally listed in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India?

    Ans : 14
  • 95 How many languages have so far been included in the Eighth Schedule of our Constitution?

    Ans : 22
  • 96 How many members are appointed by the President to the Rajya Sabha?

    (A) 12 Members(Specially qualified in different field like art
    (B) science or literature)

    Ans :()

  • 97 How many members are nominated by the Governor in the Legislative Council of a State?

    Ans : 1/12 of the total membership
  • 98 How many members of the Lok Sabha must support a motion of 'no confidence' in the government, before it can be admitted by the Speaker?

    Ans : 50
  • 99 How many members of the Rajya Sabha are nominated by the President of India?

    Ans : 12
  • 100 How many members were there in Constituent Assembly?

    Ans : 389
  • 101 How many National Emergency has been declared so far:?

    Ans : thrice
  • 102 How many Parliamentary Constituencies are there in the Union Territory of Puducherry?

    Ans : One
  • 103 How many Schedules did the original Constitution of India contain?

    Ans : 8
  • 104 How many sessions are conducted by Parliament each year?

    Ans : Three sessions – a) Budget session b) Monsoon session c) Winter session
  • 105 How many times and when the preamble has been amended so far?

    Ans : So far the preamble has been amended only once. On 18 December 1976 during the time of Emergency in India in Prime Ministership of Indira Gandhi
  • 106 How many times has the proclamation of National Emergency been enforced in India?

    Ans : Three times
  • 107 How the constitution empowers by the 68th amendment of article 356 in 1991?

    Ans : Article 356 amended to permit President’s rule up to five years in the state of Punjab.
  • 108 How the Lok Sabha MPs are elected ?

    Ans : The Lok Sabha MPs are directly elected by Indian public voting through Lok Sabha Election
  • 109 How the members of Constituent Assembly were elected by?

    Ans : By a single transferable votting system
  • 110 How the Rajya Sabha MPs are elected by?

    Ans : Rajya Sabha MPs(Member of Parliament) are elected by the members of All the State Legislative Assembly
  • 111 How the Sarkaria Commission is related to Indian Constitution?

    Ans : Sarkaria Commission can supervise the required changes of the constitution and the balance of power between state and central governments. Ranjit Singh Sarkaria is the head of this commission
  • 112 Human trafficking and forced labour are the punishable offence by law under which article?

    Ans : Article 23
  • 113 If a stay order has been granted by the High Court in a case, the application of the affected party by such an order shall be disposed of by the High Court within a period of?

    Ans : Two week
  • 114 In Indian legislature how many seats there in Lok Sabha?

    Ans : 545 Seats
  • 115 In Parliamentary System how many seats are there in Rajya Sabha?

    Ans : 245 Seats
  • 116 In Parliamentary term 'Crossing the Floor' means?

    Ans : Leaving the opposition to join the party in power or vice-versa by a Parliamentarian
  • 117 In the Indian Constitution article 45 deals with which issue?

    Ans : Article 45 ensures Provision for free and compulsory education for children
  • 118 In the Indian Constitution article 48-A deals with which issue?

    Ans : Article 48-A ensures Protection and improvement of environment and safeguarding of forests and wildlife
  • 119 In which State in India, is a certain amount of grants paid out of the Consolidated Fund of the State for the maintenance of some Hindu temples and shrines, as per the provisions of the Constitution?

    Ans : Tamilnadu
  • 120 Indian Constitution was amended for the first time in:?

    Ans : 1951

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