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  • 91 In which year the publication of Deepika was started from Kottayam under the name Nasrani Deepika?

    Ans : 1887
  • 92 In which year did Deepika become a full fledged daily?

    Ans : 1938
  • 93 Which is Kerala's first literary magazine?

    Ans : Vidya Vilasini (in 1881)
  • 94 Which is known as the first women's magazine?

    Ans : Kairali Suguna Bodh {published in 1887 }
  • 95 Vidyavinodini; the second literary magazine; was published in 1889 from?

    Ans : Thrissur {under the editorship of CP. Achutamenon and Vengayil Kunhirama Nayanar}
  • 96 Which was the literary magazine co-sponsored by Kunhikuttan Thampuran and Appan Thampuran?

    Ans : Rasika Ranjini
  • 97 Who was the first editor of 'Vivekodayam' started by SNDP on l3 May 1904?

    Ans : Mahakavi Kumaran Asan
  • 98 Who started ‘Mitavadi magazine’ from Tellicherry in 1907?

    Ans : Moorkoth Kumaran
  • 99 Mahakavi Kurnaranasan's famous poem ‘Veena Poovu’ was first published in?

    Ans : Mitavadi In 1913
  • 100 In which year The Malayala Manorama weekly started its publication from Kottayam?

    Ans : 1888
  • 101 Which news paper was the first in India owned and published by a joint stock company?

    Ans : The Malayala Manorama
  • 102 When Swadeshabhimani K Ramakrishna Pillai was exiled from Travancore in 1910 who was the Diwan of Travancore?

    Ans : P Rajagopalachari
  • 103 Which book is known as the first book on journalism in the Malayalam language?

    Ans : Vrithantha Pathra Pravarthanam (1912)
  • 104 Who is the author of ‘Vrithantha Pathra Pravarthanam’ the first book on journalism in Malayalam?

    Ans : Swadeshabhimani K Ramakrishna Pillai
  • 105 Which is the first the biography of Karl Marx in any Indian language?

    Ans : Karl Marx (1912) written by Swadeshabhimani K Ramakrishna Pillai
  • 106 Who was the first editor of Malayalam Manorama?

    Ans : Kandathil Varghese Mappilai
  • 107 In which year the Malayalam Manorama was converted to a daily?

    Ans : 1928
  • 108 Who founded Kerala Kaumudi in 1911?

    Ans : C V Kunhiraman with K Sukumaran
  • 109 Mathrubhumi was founded by?

    Ans : K P Kesava Menon in 1923 from Kozhikode
  • 110 Mathrubhumi became a daily on?

    Ans : 6-Apr-30
  • 111 Which is the first Malayalam newspaper that started its internet edition?

    Ans : Deepika in 1997
  • 112 Who was the founder of Mangalam; a monthly; in 1969 from Kottayam?

    Ans : M C Varghese
  • 113 Which newspaper is known as the voice of the Muslim League?

    Ans : Chandrika
  • 114 Publication of Chandrika was started in1932 from?

    Ans : Thalassery
  • 115 Malayalam Radio Broadcasting was started for first time in 1939 from?

    Ans : Chennai
  • 116 In which year Travancore Broadcasting station was merged with All India Radio Network?

    Ans : 1st April 1950
  • 117 Who was popularly known as Radio Ammavan?

    Ans : P K Veera Raghavan Nair
  • 118 In which year Kozhikode Radio station was started?

    Ans : 1950
  • 119 In which year Thrissur Radio station was started?

    Ans : 1954
  • 120 Kerala's first private PM station Radio Mango 91.9 was launched on?

    Ans : 29 November 2007 in Kozhikode

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