Practice Multiple Choice Questions (Pages :44)

  • 1171 The feminine gender of 'milkman’ is:?

    (A) milkmaid
    (B) milkwoman
    (C) milklady
    (D) milkgirl
  • 1172 The idiom ‘hot under the collar’ means: -?

    (A) satisfied
    (B) angry
    (C) happy
    (D) confused
  • 1173 ‘Complete the saying’ - Well begun is ____?

    (A) full completed
    (B) just started
    (C) not started
    (D) half done
  • 1174 The opposite of extravagance is:?

    (A) miserliness
    (B) incorporeal
    (C) misfeasance
    (D) intravagance
  • 1175 'All that _____ is not gold'?

    (A) shines
    (B) glitters
    (C) sparkles
    (D) clatters
  • 1176 Many people ___ the poor.?

    (A) looked ahead to
    (B) looked forward to
    (C) looked on to
    (D) looked down on
  • 1177 The announcement of the results ___ awaited.?

    (A) are
    (B) is
    (C) were
    (D) am
  • 1178 He works eight hours ___ day.?

    (A) the
    (B) one
    (C) an
    (D) a
  • 1179 Nothing ____ disturbs his sleep.?

    (A) never
    (B) everytime
    (C) sometimes
    (D) ever
  • 1180 ______ is a synonym of hostile.?

    (A) Unfriendly
    (B) Credible
    (C) Unhappiness
    (D) Disobedient
  • 1181 One who knows everything :?

    (A) Omniscient
    (B) Master
    (C) Scholar
    (D) Omnipotent
  • 1182 Find the correct spelling:?

    (A) Buraucracy
    (B) Bureaucracy
    (C) Buroucracy
    (D) Burocracy
  • 1183 The older he got ___ he became?

    (A) more happier
    (B) happier
    (C) the happier
    (D) the happy
  • 1184 Would you mind _____ this letter?

    (A) post
    (B) posts
    (C) posted
    (D) posting
  • 1185 ‘I wish it wasn't raining’ means:?

    (A) It is raining
    (B) It isn't raining
    (C) It will rain
    (D) It wasn't raining
  • 1186 He did not eat the cake; she did not eat it ______?

    (A) neither
    (B) either
    (C) or
    (D) nor
  • 1187 The market is at the ____ end of the city.?

    (A) farther
    (B) further
    (C) farthest
    (D) feather
  • 1188 The boy had finished his homework when ___?

    (A) I called him
    (B) I had called him
    (C) I have called him
    (D) I call him
  • 1189 She lives in Mumbai, ____?

    (A) isn't she?
    (B) doesn't she?
    (C) don't she?
    (D) is she?
  • 1190 You can telephone me _____ you like.?

    (A) however
    (B) whatever
    (C) whenever
    (D) whichever
  • 1191 If my father were there _____?

    (A) he has helped you
    (B) he will help you
    (C) he would help you
    (D) he would have helped you
  • 1192 It is impossible to separate belief ____ emotion?

    (A) with
    (B) to
    (C) for
    (D) from
  • 1193 I appreciate her ____ in her studies?

    (A) regular
    (B) regularly
    (C) regularity
    (D) regularize
  • 1194 He is ______ unique politician.?

    (A) an
    (B) some
    (C) a
    (D) any
  • 1195 Neither of them _____ the answer.?

    (A) was knowing
    (B) know
    (C) is knowing
    (D) knows
  • 1196 Mumbai is the ____ seaport to Europe.?

    (A) nearby
    (B) nearest
    (C) near
    (D) next
  • 1197 None of the People arrived in time for the meeting, ___?

    (A) didn't they
    (B) have they
    (C) don't
    (D) did they
  • 1198 The synonym of "absurd" is:?

    (A) unconscious
    (B) conscious
    (C) foolish
    (D) sensible
  • 1199 Which is correctly spelt?

    (A) pronounciation
    (B) lieutenant
    (C) occured
    (D) occurrance
  • 1200 The antonym of ‘brave’ is:?

    (A) timid
    (B) courageous
    (C) bold
    (D) daring

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

- Winston Churchill
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