Practice Multiple Choice Questions (Pages :44)

  • 1201 A ____ of lions?

    (A) pride
    (B) parliament
    (C) gang
    (D) herd
  • 1202 If you had worked hard, you ____ a first class?

    (A) will get
    (B) may get
    (C) would have got
    (D) might get
  • 1203 Seema prefers saree ____ churidhar?

    (A) than
    (B) more than
    (C) to
    (D) better than
  • 1204 Which of the following is wrongly spelt?

    (A) recured
    (B) paralleled
    (C) budgeted
    (D) preferred
  • 1205 Plural of Son-in-law is :?

    (A) Sons-in-laws
    (B) Sons-in-law
    (C) Son-in-laws
    (D) Sons and laws
  • 1206 Than work is ___ for any man to do single-handed.?

    (A) more than enough
    (B) much more
    (C) very much
    (D) too much
  • 1207 I hope you will excuse ___ early?

    (A) my leaving
    (B) my leave
    (C) me leaving
    (D) me leave
  • 1208 How long have ___ here?

    (A) you wait
    (B) you beer waiting
    (C) you are waiting
    (D) you waited
  • 1209 "Opus-magnum" means :?

    (A) a great work
    (B) grateful
    (C) in reality
    (D) magnitude
  • 1210 One who compiles dictionaries is sailed a :?

    (A) Dictator
    (B) Calligrapher
    (C) Linguist
    (D) Lexicographer
  • 1211 You ___ ask permission?

    (A) will better
    (B) would better
    (C) had better
    (D) have better
  • 1212 This is the house ___ I was born?

    (A) were
    (B) which
    (C) when
    (D) where
  • 1213 We should always ___ the meaning of new words in the dictionary.?

    (A) look into
    (B) look up
    (C) look over
    (D) look after
  • 1214 I am familiar ___ this locality?

    (A) of
    (B) in
    (C) with
    (D) at
  • 1215 Vishnu is the ___ boy in his class?

    (A) tall
    (B) tallest
    (C) taller
    (D) long
  • 1216 "Don't play at night' is a/an ___ sentence?

    (A) affirmative
    (B) negative
    (C) imperative
    (D) interrogative
  • 1217 Nothing was known about him, ____?

    (A) was it
    (B) wasn't it
    (C) isn't it
    (D) is it
  • 1218 He is ____ honest man?

    (A) a
    (B) an
    (C) the
    (D) none of these
  • 1219 You can trust her. She ___ not cheat you?

    (A) will
    (B) would
    (C) ought
    (D) could
  • 1220 We ___ each other for five years?

    (A) knew
    (B) known
    (C) knows
    (D) have known
  • 1221 Տhe ___ succeeded if she had worked hard?

    (A) will have
    (B) will be
    (C) would have
    (D) would
  • 1222 The match ___ by their team?

    (A) win
    (B) has been won
    (C) has won
    (D) won
  • 1223 Of the two sisters, Gayathri and Theertha, Gayathri is ___ attractive?

    (A) more
    (B) most
    (C) much
    (D) very
  • 1224 The feminine gender of ‘nephew' is ___?

    (A) nephrite
    (B) nephritic
    (C) niece
    (D) nephritis
  • 1225 The adjective of 'please’ is ___?

    (A) pleasure
    (B) pleasant
    (C) pleasantly
    (D) pleasantness
  • 1226 The synonym of 'curiosity' is ___?

    (A) inquisitiveness
    (B) clarity
    (C) desire
    (D) anxiety
  • 1227 The antonym of 'barbarian’ is ___?

    (A) civilized
    (B) uncultured
    (C) foreigner
    (D) fool
  • 1228 The authority 'turned down' the proposal. The italicized phrase means ___?

    (A) proceed
    (B) stopped
    (C) rejected
    (D) continued
  • 1229 A person who undertakes a commercial venture is a/an ___?

    (A) Entrepreneur
    (B) Businessman
    (C) Shopkeeper
    (D) Manager
  • 1230 Translate the proverb "Pride goes before a fall" into malayalam?

    (A) പതിരില്ലാത്ത കതിരില്ല
    (B) അഹങ്കാരം ആപത്താണ്
    (C) നിധി കാക്കുന്ന ഭൂതം
    (D) നാടോടുമ്പോൾ നടുവേ ഓടണം

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