Practice Multiple Choice Questions (Pages :44)

  • 1231 Identify the word correctly spelt?

    (A) Setlement
    (B) Settlemeant
    (C) Settlement
    (D) settilment
  • 1232 “Ab intifio“ means ___?

    (A) from the beginning
    (B) till the end
    (C) expansion of initials
    (D) first alphabet
  • 1233 ‘Arts college’ is a/an ____ word?

    (A) simple
    (B) complex
    (C) compound
    (D) attributive
  • 1234 "The moon shines at night" is an example of:?

    (A) imperative sentence
    (B) interrogative sentence
    (C) declarative sentence
    (D) exclamatory sentence
  • 1235 "Rama and Krishna are brothers". In this sentence ‘and’ is :?

    (A) Conjunction
    (B) Interjection
    (C) Pronoun
    (D) Adjective
  • 1236 The passive voice of 'People speak English all over the world" is:?

    (A) English was spoken all over the world
    (B) English is spoken all over the world
    (C) English has spoken all over the world
    (D) English had spoken all over the world
  • 1237 The reported speech of "He said, I have done my home work” is :?

    (A) He said that he has done his home work
    (B) He said that he was done his home work
    (C) He said that he has been done his home work
    (D) He said that he had done his hom work
  • 1238 Pick out the singular form from the given words :?

    (A) stadia
    (B) data
    (C) criteria
    (D) radius
  • 1239 Which of the following is a one word for "the custom of having only one wife"?

    (A) Polygamy
    (B) Monogamy
    (C) Bigamy
    (D) Bachelor
  • 1240 The word nearest in meaning to the word endeavour is :?

    (A) attempt
    (B) debate
    (C) expand
    (D) disclose
  • 1241 Which of the following is the word opposite in meaning to the word 'amateur?

    (A) artificial
    (B) rough
    (C) professional
    (D) selfish
  • 1242 Choose the incorrectly spelt word:?

    (A) recommend
    (B) reccommend
    (C) vacation
    (D) psychology
  • 1243 _____ person who died yesterday was a heart patient.?

    (A) A
    (B) An
    (C) Some
    (D) The
  • 1244 She sang well, ____?

    (A) did she?
    (B) didn't she?
    (C) does she?
    (D) doesn't she?
  • 1245 The school is now assembled ___ the morning prayer.?

    (A) for
    (B) to
    (C) with
    (D) in
  • 1246 We cannot go out now because it:?

    (A) will be raining
    (B) was raining
    (C) is raining
    (D) had been raining
  • 1247 She often ____ to church.?

    (A) go
    (B) is going
    (C) was going
    (D) goes
  • 1248 I have ___ pens than you.?

    (A) many
    (B) less
    (C) fewer
    (D) much
  • 1249 The tiger is one of the ____ animal.?

    (A) strongest
    (B) stronger
    (C) large
    (D) strong
  • 1250 Neither Seema nor Reena _____ well.?

    (A) swim
    (B) swims
    (C) is swimming
    (D) are swimming
  • 1251 Success often depends on your ability to ____ yourself to changing circumstances?

    (A) adopt
    (B) adequate
    (C) adept
    (D) adapt
  • 1252 Replace the word in BLOCK letters with the right phrase chosen from those given below: I cannot TOLERATE his behaviour.?

    (A) put on
    (B) put up
    (C) put up with
    (D) put off
  • 1253 Business has now become very dog eat dog. Choose the meaning for the idiom 'dog eat dog’?

    (A) dogs quarrel each other
    (B) competitive for profit
    (C) competitive for advertising
    (D) quarrel for profit
  • 1254 Hundred dollars __ a high price to pay?

    (A) is
    (B) are
    (C) has
    (D) have
  • 1255 Mr.John ___ letters every day?

    (A) has written
    (B) is writing
    (C) writes
    (D) wrote
  • 1256 What is the comparative form of the adjective ‘bad’?

    (A) more bad
    (B) better
    (C) badder
    (D) worse
  • 1257 Tom received rich ___ for his recitation?

    (A) complements
    (B) compliance
    (C) complimance
    (D) compliments
  • 1258 ‘We were enchanted by him’ - Choose the active voice of the sentence.?

    (A) He enchanted us
    (B) He was enchanted us
    (C) He is enchanted us
    (D) He has enchanted us
  • 1259 Prince-Princess; Duke-___?

    (A) Dukes
    (B) Duchess
    (C) She duke
    (D) Queen
  • 1260 Children hardly ever speak English, ___?

    (A) don't they
    (B) didn't they?
    (C) do they?
    (D) did they?

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