Basic General Knowledge (Pages :442)

  • 13201 Life span of RBC is?

    Ans : 120days
  • 13202 Socrates the Greatest of the Greek philosphers was forced to commit suicide by drinking which poison ?

    Ans : Hemlock; in 399 BC
  • 13203 The largest cell is ?

    Ans : Egg of Ostrich.
  • 13204 The Capital of Laos .P.D.R.?

    Ans : Vientiane
  • 13205 Who is the author of “Iron Harvest”?

    Ans : C.P.Surendran
  • 13206 Who is the author of The Old Man and the Sea?

    Ans : Earnest Hemingway.
  • 13207 What is the name given to the Kerala literacy programme?

    Ans : Akshara Keralam
  • 13208 Who is the author of “My Own Boswell”?

    Ans : M Hidayatullah
  • 13209 Who is the author of “Arms & The Man”?

    Ans : G.B.Shaw
  • 13210 Who is the author of “French Mystic”?

    Ans : Romain Rolland
  • 13211 Who is the author of " Broken Wing"?

    Ans : Sarojini Naidu
  • 13212 Ramavanna Kulasekhara shifted his capital from Mahodayapuram to?

    Ans : Quilon
  • 13213 Eternal City of Hopes?

    Ans : Rome; Italy
  • 13214 After independence on which date the High Court of Travancore- Cochin was inaugurated with its seat at Ernakulam?

    Ans : 7th of July 1949
  • 13215 The Currency of Central African Republic?

    Ans : France CFA
  • 13216 The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has been established under the NGT Act 2010 on ?

    Ans : 18th October;2010
  • 13217 Which organization introduced HDI in its first Human Development Report published in 1990?

    Ans : United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • 13218 Who is the inventor of Automobile (Steam)?

    Ans : Nicolas Cugnot
  • 13219 Who is the author of I Dare?

    Ans : Pannesh Dangwal
  • 13220 Who is the author of “Inside Asia”?

    Ans : John Gunther
  • 13221 Who is the author of New Dimensions of India's Foreign Policy ?

    Ans : Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  • 13222 Pandharpur is on the bank of which River?

    Ans : Bhima
  • 13223 Who is the author of “Anakaran”?

    Ans : Karoor Neelakanda Pillai
  • 13224 Who is the author of “ Untouchable”?

    Ans : Mulk Raj Anand
  • 13225 Which writer received Jnanapith Award in 1984”?

    Ans : Thakazhi Siva Sankara Pillai
  • 13226 Who is known as the founder of Early Babilonian Empire?

    Ans : Hammurabi
  • 13227 Cattle Breading research institute is located in?

    Ans : Hissar (Haryana)
  • 13228 Who is the author of “Atoms of Hope”?

    Ans : Mohan Sundar Rajan
  • 13229 Who is the inventor of Radio Transmitter?

    Ans : Alexanderson
  • 13230 The scientific name Pea-cock is ?

    Ans : Pavo cristatus

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