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  • 121 In which year Television broadcasting was started in Kerala?

    Ans : January 1982 in Thiruvananthapuram
  • 122 Which was the first Malayalam TV Channel in Private Sector?

    Ans : Asianet {Asianet malayalam satellite channel began in 1992}
  • 123 Surya TV started their operations in?

    Ans : 1998
  • 124 The name 'Anchal' was given to the early postal system of Kerala by?

    Ans : Col. Munro
  • 125 Which symbol is seen in the 'Anchal' stamps of Travancore?

    Ans : Conchshell
  • 126 Who introduced 'Anchal' postal system in Travancore?

    Ans : Marthandavarma in 1729
  • 127 Kerala post and telegraph department came into existence in?

    Ans : 1st July 1961
  • 128 Which ruler of Travancore started the first post office in 1852 in Alappuzha?

    Ans : Uthram Thirunal Marthanda Varma
  • 129 Early Postman of Travancore were known as?

    Ans : 'Anchal Pillai'
  • 130 In which year Pincode system was started in Kerala?

    Ans : August 15;1972
  • 131 First Speed Post Centre in Kerala was started at Ernakulam in?

    Ans : Nov-86
  • 132 Paper was used instead of Palmyra in Kerala Postal Service in?

    Ans : 1871
  • 133 Which Diwan of Travancore started Postal Savings Scheme 1947?

    Ans : Diwan Raghva Iyer
  • 134 The year in which Anchal Service was amalgamated with Telegraph department is?

    Ans : April 1951.
  • 135 The district with most number of post offices in Kerala is?

    Ans : Thrissur
  • 136 The district with least number of post offices in Kerala is?

    Ans : Wayanad
  • 137 The year in which Doordarshan started telecasting in Malayalam is?

    Ans : January I; 1985
  • 138 Anchal stamps of Travancore existed till?

    Ans : 1952
  • 139 The year in whichTelegraph system started in Travancore is?

    Ans : 1863
  • 140 Malayalam telegraph was started in?

    Ans : 1994
  • 141 The first Trunk automatic exchange in Kerala was commissioned in?

    Ans : 1975 in Thiruvananthapuram
  • 142 Cellone Mobile Service was started on?

    Ans : 23-Oct-02
  • 143 Which is the first film to be made in Malayalam?

    Ans : Vigathakumaran; released in 1930
  • 144 Which is the second Malayalam film?

    Ans : Marthanda Varma {based on a novel by C.V Raman Pillai was produced by R Sundar Raj in 1933}
  • 145 Which is the first talkie in malayalam?

    Ans : Balan released in 1938
  • 146 Who was the director of ‘Balan’; the first talkie in malayalam?

    Ans : S Nottani
  • 147 Who wrote the screen play and songs for ‘Balan’; the first talkie in malayalam?

    Ans : Muthukulam Raghavan Pillai
  • 148 Who is known as the father of Malayalam Cinema?

    Ans : JC Daniel
  • 149 Who was the producer and direction of the first silent movie Vigathakumaran?

    Ans : JC Daniel
  • 150 Where was the first major film studio Udaya was established?

    Ans : Alappuzha in 1948

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