General Science (Pages :35)

  • 121 The percentage of light energy fixed in photosynthesis is generally around ?

    Ans : 1%
  • 122 In some plants; water oozes through certain pores in the form of liquid and this phenomenon is called?

    Ans : Guttation.
  • 123 The process by which water diffuses through a semi-permeable membrane from a region of higher concentration of a solution to a region of lower concentration of a solution?

    Ans : OSMOSIS
  • 124 The process by which leaves excretes water through stomata is called ?

    Ans : transpiration process
  • 125 What is responsible for the conduction of water in plants?

    Ans : Xylem
  • 126 Plants get water through the roots because of ?

    Ans : Capillarity
  • 127 The period of long sleep for animals in cold weather when there is no food available is known as ?

    Ans : Hibernation
  • 128 Most poisonous bird and the only known poisonous bird in the world is ?

    Ans : The Hooded Pitohui from Papua New Guinea
  • 129 In plants which carries prepared food from leaves to all parts of plant?

    Ans : Phloem
  • 130 Pollination by animals is called ?

    Ans : Zoophily
  • 131 Pollination by wind is called?

    Ans : Anemophily
  • 132 Pollination by water?

    Ans : Hydrophily
  • 133 Pollination by Bat ?

    Ans : Chiropterephily
  • 134 Pollination between two flowers of one plant

    Ans : Gytanogamy
  • 135 Pollination by insects is called?

    Ans : Entomophily
  • 136 Pollination by birds is called?

    Ans : Ornithophily
  • 137 In Vallisnaria pollination occurs by?

    Ans : Water
  • 138 Blood sucking Leech possess anti coagulant called ?

    Ans : Hirudin
  • 139 What is commonly called 'Nutures plough man'?

    Ans : Earth Worm
  • 140 Insects which feed on waste material such as dead bodies; debris etc are called?

    Ans : Scavengers
  • 141 Highly developed means of communication found in honey bee?

    Ans : Bee dance
  • 142 The pest causing 'Mandari' in coconut trees is called ?

    Ans : Eriophyes guerreronis
  • 143 Study of fish are called ?

    Ans : Ichthyology
  • 144 Which fish is called mosquito fish?

    Ans : Gambusia
  • 145 Which see animal shows parantal care?

    Ans : Hippocampus (sea horse)
  • 146 Which fish was declared as ths;official fish of Kerala in 2010?

    Ans : Etroplus (pearl spot)
  • 147 The aquatic animal with most developed intelli- gence is?

    Ans : Dolphin.
  • 148 The number of chambers in amphibians heart is ?

    Ans : Three.
  • 149 The number of chambers in the heart of reptiles is ?

    Ans : Three.
  • 150 The number of chambers in the heart of a bird is ?

    Ans : Four.

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