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  • 151 Egyptian civilisation flourished on the banks of ?

    Ans : Nile river
  • 152 Egyptian kings were known as ?

    Ans : 'Pharoh' ('Pharoh' means one who lives in a mansion)
  • 153 Which semetic group of people captured Egypt towards BC 1750?

    Ans : Hyksus semetic group
  • 154 Hatsheput Who is considered as the first women ruler of the world ?

    Ans : Egyptian Queen
  • 155 Who is considered as the last of great Pharohs of Egypt?

    Ans : Ramses III
  • 156 Who were the first to invent a solar calendar?

    Ans : Egyptians
  • 157 Egyptian Sun God was known as?

    Ans : 'Ra' or 'Re'
  • 158 Who was the Goddess of truth worshipped by the Egyptians?

    Ans : Osiris
  • 159 Preserved dead bodies of the Egyptians were known as?

    Ans : Mummies
  • 160 Who were hailed for the invention of Addition; Subtraction and Division?

    Ans : Egyptians
  • 161 From which language the word 'Chemistry' was originated?

    Ans : The Egyptian language
  • 162 Egyptian script was pictographic in nature. It was known as?

    Ans : Hierogliphics
  • 163 "The Great Temple of Abu Simbel" is known as the ?

    Ans : Temple of the Rising Sun;
  • 164 The Tombs of Egyptian Pharohs were known as ?

    Ans : Pyramids
  • 165 First Pyramid was built about ?

    Ans : 2700 BC
  • 166 Greatest of the Pyramids was the Great Pyramid at Giza built by ?

    Ans : Pharoh Khufu
  • 167 Biggest of the temples built by the Egyptians was ?

    Ans : The temple at Karnak
  • 168 Which is the only survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World ?

    Ans : Great Pyramid at Giza
  • 169 Earliest coins were believed to have been used by ?

    Ans : The Egyptians
  • 170 Chinese Civilisation originated on the banks of which river?

    Ans : Hwang Ho
  • 171 Name the first dynasty to rule China from BC 1750-1125 ?

    Ans : Shang dynasty
  • 172 Which dynasty established China's first strong central government?

    Ans : The Qin dynasty
  • 173 Which ruler constructed the Great Wall of China?

    Ans : Shih Hwangti
  • 174 Chin ruler Shih Hwangti was responsible for the construction of the Great Wall of China to prevent the ?

    Ans : Huna invasion
  • 175 Chin dynasty of China was founded by ?

    Ans : Shih Hwangti
  • 176 The dimension of the The Great Wall is ?

    Ans : 1500 mile long and 20 feet breadth and 20 feet-height
  • 177 Paper was invented by ?

    Ans : The Chinese
  • 178 Name the three major Philosophers of ancient China ?

    Ans : Lao-Tse; Confucious and Mencious
  • 179 Lao-Tse was the founder of the most important religion of China known as?

    Ans : Taoism
  • 180 Who is considered as the "Chinese Buddha"?

    Ans : Lao-Tse

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