Basic General Knowledge (Pages :442)

  • 181 Central Inland Fisheries Research Station is located at?

    Ans : Barrackpore (W.Bengal)
  • 182 Who was the first editor of the Malayali newspaper started in Trivandrum in 1886?

    Ans : C. Krishnapillai
  • 183 Who is the author of “A Mercy”?

    Ans : Toni Morrison
  • 184 JPG stands for?

    Ans : Joint Photographic Expert Group
  • 185 Who is the author of “A Brief History of Time”?

    Ans : Stephen Hawking
  • 186 Largest Desert (World)?

    Ans : Sahara (Africa)
  • 187 The acid present in the soil and substances formed by the decomposition of decayed green matter is ?

    Ans : Humic Acid
  • 188 Who is the author of “Face to Face”?

    Ans : Lasse and Lisa Berg
  • 189 Who is the author of “Babarnama”?

    Ans : Babar
  • 190 Who is the author of International Working Glass Movement ?

    Ans : Sukomal Sen
  • 191 Who is the inventor of Ship (Steam)?

    Ans : J.C.Pierier
  • 192 Paper is chemically?

    Ans : Cellulose.
  • 193 Who is the creator of the famous characters "Appukili; Ravi; Mollakka"?

    Ans : OV.Vijayan
  • 194 Who is the author of “Gora”?

    Ans : Rabindranath Tagore
  • 195 The Capital of Burundi?

    Ans : Bujumbura
  • 196 The Japanese art of folding paper into decorative objects is called ?

    Ans : Origami
  • 197 Which is the Central Bank of USA?

    Ans : Federal Reserve system
  • 198 Government undertook the responsibility of education for the first time in Travancore by?

    Ans : Rani Gauri Parvati Bhai in 1817
  • 199 Sumerian civilisation later came to be known as ?

    Ans : Mesopotamian civilisation
  • 200 Price theory was developed by?

    Ans : Marshall Ricardo; Pigau
  • 201 Lenin died in 21st January 1924 due to ?

    Ans : Cerebral Stroke
  • 202 First person to reach the South Pole?

    Ans : Amundsen
  • 203 In which year Nelson Mandela sworn in as the first black President of South Africa?

    Ans : 1994
  • 204 Who is the author of “Glass Menagerie”?

    Ans : Tennessee Williams
  • 205 Which is the world's busiest Airport in the world?

    Ans : Chicago International Airport
  • 206 Who is the author of “ Algebra of Infinite Justice”?

    Ans : Arundhati Roy
  • 207 Who is the author of “Big Egos; Small Men”?

    Ans : Ram Jethmalani
  • 208 Which is a recently extinct bird from Mauritious?

    Ans : Dodo
  • 209 Who is the author of Man eaters of Kumaon ?

    Ans : Jim Corbett
  • 210 Who is the author of “Satyarath Prakash”?

    Ans : Swami Dayanand

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