One Word Substitution (Pages :34)

  • 211 Any language in speaking only

    Ans : Colloquialism
  • 212 To seize by authority

    Ans : Confiscate
  • 213 To give someone something to make good for loss or damage

    Ans : Compensate
  • 214 Reaching the final or the highest point

    Ans : Consummation
  • 215 A man who has lots of investments in the private sector

    Ans : Capitalist
  • 216 A ruler or boss who uses force in order to make people obey him

    Ans : Dictator
  • 217 One who is engaged in the diplomatic service of a country

    Ans : Diplomat
  • 218 Nature of double dealing

    Ans : Duplicity
  • 219 A person who fails in the performance of his duty or commits an offence

    Ans : Deliquent
  • 220 Fruit or sweet-dish usually eaten after the main meals

    Ans : Dessert
  • 221 A dabbler in the arts and literature

    Ans : Dilettante
  • 222 The state of being miserable bereft of all material possessions

    Ans : Destitution
  • 223 A democratic orator

    Ans : Demagogue
  • 224 The inability of a person to shun alcoholic drinks

    Ans : Dipsomania
  • 225 Something regularly found among a particular people or community

    Ans : Endemic
  • 226 A person who likes to indulge in refined sensuous pleasure

    Ans : Epicure
  • 227 To remove all traces of

    Ans : Eradicate
  • 228 A professor who has retired from service

    Ans : Emeritus
  • 229 An unusual bent of mind

    Ans : Eccentricity
  • 230 One who is always seeking to escape from the harsh realities of life

    Ans : Escapist
  • 231 To quicken the completion of work

    Ans : Expedite
  • 232 To free from the confines of something to liberate from

    Ans : Emancipate
  • 233 A short but pithy and weightily saying, a short witty phrase

    Ans : Epigram
  • 234 Substitution of a mild for a very blunt expression

    Ans : Euphemism
  • 235 That which is all inclusive

    Ans : Exhaustive
  • 236 Not refined and fluent but full of jerky movements.

    Ans : Erratic
  • 237 That which tries to side-track the main issue by irrelevance

    Ans : Evasive
  • 238 A state of mental weariness form of occupation.

    Ans : Ennui
  • 239 To make atonement for one's sins

    Ans : Expiate
  • 240 Words or phrases inscribed on a person's tomb

    Ans : Epitaph

"People will always have opinions about your decision because they're not courageous enough to take action on their opinion"

-  Steve Maraboli
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