Constitution of India (Objective) (Pages :14)

  • 241 The provision of amending the Constitutional Provision is given in:?

    Ans : Part XX Article 368
  • 242 The Punjab and Haryana High Court has territorial jurisdiction over the States of Punjab and Haryana and?

    Ans : Union Territory of Chandigarh
  • 243 The song 'Jana-Gana-Mana' composed by Rabindra Nath Tagore was first published in January 1912under the title of?

    Ans : Bharat Vidhata
  • 244 The Speaker can ask a member of the House to stop speaking and let another member speak. This is known as?

    Ans : Yielding the Floor
  • 245 The State of Mysore was renamed as Karnataka in the year?

    Ans : 1973
  • 246 The Swatantra Party was formed by?

    Ans : C Rajagopalachari
  • 247 The tansfer of the capital from Calcutta to Delhi was announced in?

    Ans : 1911
  • 248 The theory of "basic structure" of the Constitution was propounded by the Supreme Court in the?

    Ans : Kesavananda Bharati Case
  • 249 The Theory of Laissez Faire was popounded by?

    Ans : Adam Smith
  • 250 The Third Schedule of the Constitution details?

    Ans : Forms of oaths or affirmations
  • 251 The three-tier Panchayati Raj system in India was proposed by the?

    Ans : Balwarrt Rai Mehta Committee
  • 252 The total number of Fundamental Duties mentioned in the Constitution is:?

    Ans : 11
  • 253 The total number of High Courts in India at present is:?

    Ans : 24
  • 254 The total number of members in the Legislative Council of a State shall not exceed __ of the total number of members in the State Legislative Assembly.?

    Ans : One third
  • 255 The two former Governors of the Reserve Bank of India who later became Union Finance Ministers were?

    Ans : CD Deshmukh and Manmohan Singh
  • 256 The Union Food Minister who had earned the sobriquet "Famine Minister" was?

    Ans : KM Munshi
  • 257 The Uttar Pradesh Government has accorded the second official language status to ___ in the State.?

    Ans : Urdu
  • 258 The fundamental rights feature borrowed from which nation?

    Ans : United States of America
  • 259 There are how many type of sub-committees in Parliamentary committee?

    Ans : Two- 1) Ad hoc Committee 2) Standing Committee
  • 260 There shall be a President of India according to Article?

    Ans : 52
  • 261 There shall be a Vice-President of India according to Article?

    Ans : 63
  • 262 Under the provisions of Article 343 of the Constitution, Hindi was declared the official language of the Union. But the use of English language was allowed to continue for the official purpose of the Union for a period of?

    Ans : 15 years
  • 263 Under which Article of the Constitution are the Cultural and Educational Rights granted?

    Ans : Article 29 and 30
  • 264 Under which commission the first constituent assembly election was held?

    Ans : Cabinet Mission Plan 1946
  • 265 Under which law it is prescribed that all proceedings in the Supreme Court of India shall be in English language?

    Ans : Article 34B of the Constitution of India
  • 266 Union Cabinet is collectively responsible to which house of Parliament?

    Ans : Lok Sabha
  • 267 What are the two major languages, the original constitution written in?

    Ans : The original constitution written in Hindi and English
  • 268 What is the age requirement to become a member of Lok Sabha?

    Ans : 25 Years
  • 269 What is the features of 15th amendment in 1963?

    Ans : Raising retirement age of High Court judges from 60 to 62
  • 270 What is the first President’s rule imposed state in India?

    (A) Kerala
    (B) in 1959

    Ans :()

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