One Word Substitution (Pages :34)

  • 241 A person authorised to execute a legal deed

    Ans : Executor
  • 242 One who is subject to failure or to committing mistakes

    Ans : Fallible
  • 243 The animals of a particular region or epoch

    Ans : Fauna
  • 244 A man who is genuinely interested in the welfare and emancipation of women

    Ans : Feminist
  • 245 A man with narrow and prejudiced religious views

    Ans : Fanatic
  • 246 One who cannot be easily pleased

    Ans : Fastidious
  • 247 Something artificial having the appearance of something got up

    Ans : Factitious
  • 248 As opposed to realistic, imagined not real

    Ans : Fictitious
  • 249 Extremely showy and colourful personality; valuable and verbose speech

    Ans : Flamboyant
  • 250 Tendency to grow downwards

    Ans : Geotropism
  • 251 Act of killing one's clan, family or community

    Ans : Genocide
  • 252 A connoisseur of wines and table delicacies.

    Ans : Gourmet
  • 253 The act of killing a human being

    Ans : Homicide
  • 254 Traits, mental or physical, received from forefathers by birth

    Ans : Hereditary
  • 255 One who lives in seclusion with thoughts of God

    Ans : Hermit
  • 256 Voluntary fees paid for professional services which carry no salary

    Ans : Honorarium
  • 257 One who expresses ideas which are not in keeping with conventional religious teaching

    Ans : Heretic
  • 258 One who is not orthodox

    Ans : Heterodox
  • 259 One who generously acts for the welfare and amelioration of mankind

    Ans : Humanitarian
  • 260 A gesture of respect and devotion

    Ans : Homage
  • 261 Rhetorical exaggeration in speaking or in a piece of writing

    Ans : Hyperbole
  • 262 A person who pretends to be what he is not, a pretender

    Ans : Hypocrite
  • 263 That which cannot be broken through

    Ans : Impregnable
  • 264 That which can be easily understood

    Ans : Intelligible
  • 265 That which is most likely to happen in future.

    Ans : Imminent
  • 266 One who cannot be soothed or calmed or near pacified

    Ans : Implacable
  • 267 That which cannot be put into practice

    Ans : Impracticable
  • 268 One who cannot be corrected or reformed.

    Ans : Incorrigible
  • 269 To accuse or charge a person with a crime in due form of law

    Ans : Indict
  • 270 That which cannot be easily imitated or copied

    Ans : Inimitable

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