First in Kerala

First in Kerala

First Chief Minister

      :   E. M. S. Namboodiripad

The first Director General of Police (DGP) of Kerala Police

      :   Anandasayanam Iyer

Kudumbasree started first district in Kerala

      :   Alappuzha

Kerala's first museum

      :   Thiriuvananthapuram Museum

First Zoo in Kerala

      :   Thiriuvananthapuram Zoo

First Women minister in Kerala

      :   K. R. Gowri Amma

First woman’s magazine

      :   Keraleeya Suguna Bodhini (1884 in Trivandrum)

First woman Police station

      :   Kozhikode

First woman Parliament Member

      :   Aani Mascreen

First Woman Magistrate

      :   Omana Kunjamma

First woman Legislative Assembly Member

      :   Thottakkadu Madhavi Amma

First Woman IPS Officer of Kerala

      :   Sreelekha IPS

First woman IPS Officer

      :   Sreelekha IPS

First woman IAS Officer

      :   Anna Malhotra

First woman I.A.S of Kerala

      :   Anna Malhothra

First Woman High Court Judge

      :   Anna Chandi

First woman Chief Secretary

      :   Padma Ramachandran

First woman Chief Engineer

      :   P.K.Thresya

First windmill electric station

      :   Kanjikkottu (Palakkad)

First wildlife sanctuary in Kerala

      :   Periyar wildlife sanctuary

First University

      :   Kerala University

First tourist police station in Kerala

      :   Mattancherry

First talky movie in Malayalam

      :  Balan directed by S.Nottani

First Sports Council President

      :   Col. Godavarma Raja

First Speaker of Legislative Assembly

      :   R.Sankaranarayanan Thampi

First railway service

      :   Thirur (Beppur)

First radio station

      :   Thiruvananthapuram

First Post office

      :   Alappuzha (1857)

First person who won D.Lit in Kerala University

      :   C.P. Ramaswami

First panchayath to get swaraj Trophy for the best panchayath

      :   Kanjikuzhi (Alappuzha)

First open prison in Kerala

      :   Nettukalthery (Kattakada)

First Olympian of Kerala

      :   Suresh Babu

First novel

      :   Kunthalatha (Appu Nedungadi)

First neo realistic cinema

      :   Newspaper boy

First National Park in Kerala

      :   Eravikulam (Idukki)

First movie heroine in Malayalam cinema

      :   Kamalam

First movie hero in Malayalam cinema

      :   KK Aroor

First Medical science magazine

      :   Dhanwanthari

First Medical College

      :   Thiruvananthapuram

First Malayalee who won Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

      :   K.M. Beenamol

First Malayalee president of Indian National Congress

      :   Sir. C Sankaran Nair

First Malayalee Member of UPSC of kerala

      :   Dr. KG Adiyodi

First Malayalee Director of VSSC

      :   G. Madhavan Nair

First Malayalam novel filmed

      :   Marthanda Varma

First Malayalam News magazine

      :   Kavana Kaumudi

First Malayalam journal published in Kerala

      :   Rajyasamacharam

First Malayalam film that won President’s Silver medal

      :   Neelakuyil

First Malayalam film that won President’s Gold medal

      :   Chemmeen

First Malayalam film dubbed in another language

      :   Jeevitha Nouka

First Limited Company

      :   Punaloor Paper mill

First library

      :  Trivandrum Public Library

First Jew church

      :   Mattancherry (first in India)

First Inspector General (IG) of Kerala Police

      :   N. Chandrashekaran Nair

First Hydro Electric project in private sector in Kerala

      :   Maniyar (Pathanamthitta)

First Hydro electric project

      :   Pallivasal

First hanging bridge

      :   Punaloor

First Governor of Kerala

      :   Dr.B.Ramakrishna Rao

First Government hospital

      :   Civil Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram

First general election

      :  1957

First Forest Reserve in Kerala

      :   Konni

First English School

      :   Mattancherry (1818)

First Engineering College

      :   Thiruvananthapuram

First e-literate panchayath in Kerala

      :   Pallichal (Thiruvananthapuram)

First electric train

      :   Ernakulam (Shornnur)

First Diesel electric project

      :   Brahmapuram

First Dam in Kerala

      :   Mullapperiyar

First Co-operative Medical College

      :   Pariyaram Medical College

First congress chief minister

      :   R.Sankar

First Concrete bridge

      :   Karamana (Thiruvananthapuram 1900)

First computerized panchayath in Kerala

      :   Vellanadu (Thiruvananthapuram)

First computerized collectorate in Kerala

      :   Palakkad

First College

      :   CMS College, Kottayam (1840)

First coir factory

      :   Alappuzha Daras Company (1859)

First coastal police station in Kerala

      :   Neendakara

First child friendly panchayath in Kerala

      :   Nedumbassery

First Chief Justice

      :   Justice K.T.Kosi

First case-less village

      :   Varavoor Panchayat (Thrissur)

First book printed in Malayalam

      :   Horthoos Malabaricus

First Bird Sanctuary in Kerala

      :   Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

First Bio-Village in Kerala

      :   Udumbannoor

First Bank

      :   Nedungadi Bank, Kozhikode (1899)

First baby friendly panchayath in Kerala

      :   Venganoor (Thiruvananthapuram)

First baby friendly District in Kerala

      :   Eranamkulam

First autobiographer in Malayalam

      :   Vaikkathu Pachumoothathu

First airlines service

      :   Thiruvananthapuram (Mumbai - 1935)


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