First in Kerala

First in Kerala


First Chief Minister

 E. M. S. Namboodiripad

First Governor of Kerala

 Dr.B.Ramakrishna Rao

First general election


First congress chief minister


First Speaker of Legislative Assembly

 R.Sankaranarayanan Thampi

First Chief Justice

 Justice K.T.Kosi

First Woman High Court Judge

 Anna Chandi

First Woman Magistrate

 Omana Kunjamma

First novel

 Kunthalatha (Appu Nedungadi)

First talky movie in Malayalam

Balan directed by S.Nottani

First autobiographer in Malayalam

 Vaikkathu Pachumoothathu

First woman Parliament Member

 Aani Mascreen

First movie hero in Malayalam cinema

 KK Aroor

Kudumbasree started first district in Kerala


First Post office

 Alappuzha (1857)

First coir factory

 Alappuzha Daras Company (1859)

The first Director General of Police (DGP) of Kerala Police

 Anandasayanam Iyer

First woman I.A.S of Kerala

 Anna Malhothra

First woman IAS Officer

 Anna Malhotra

First Diesel electric project


First person who won D.Lit in Kerala University

 C.P. Ramaswami

First Malayalam film that won President’s Gold medal


First Government hospital

 Civil Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram

First College

 CMS College, Kottayam (1840)

First Sports Council President

 Col. Godavarma Raja

First Medical science magazine


First Malayalee Member of UPSC of kerala

 Dr. KG Adiyodi

First baby friendly District in Kerala


First National Park in Kerala

 Eravikulam (Idukki)

First electric train

 Ernakulam (Shornnur)

First Malayalee Director of VSSC

 G. Madhavan Nair

First book printed in Malayalam

 Horthoos Malabaricus

First Malayalam film dubbed in another language

 Jeevitha Nouka

First Women minister in Kerala

 K. R. Gowri Amma

First Malayalee who won Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

 K.M. Beenamol

First movie heroine in Malayalam cinema


First windmill electric station

 Kanjikkottu (Palakkad)

First panchayath to get swaraj Trophy for the best panchayath

 Kanjikuzhi (Alappuzha)

First Concrete bridge

 Karamana (Thiruvananthapuram 1900)

First Malayalam News magazine

 Kavana Kaumudi

First University

 Kerala University

First woman’s magazine

 Keraleeya Suguna Bodhini (1884 in Trivandrum)

First Forest Reserve in Kerala


First woman Police station


First Hydro Electric project in private sector in Kerala

 Maniyar (Pathanamthitta)

First Malayalam novel filmed

 Marthanda Varma

First tourist police station in Kerala


First English School

 Mattancherry (1818)

First Jew church

 Mattancherry (first in India)

First Dam in Kerala


First Inspector General (IG) of Kerala Police

 N. Chandrashekaran Nair

First child friendly panchayath in Kerala


First Bank

 Nedungadi Bank, Kozhikode (1899)

First Malayalam film that won President’s Silver medal


First coastal police station in Kerala


First open prison in Kerala

 Nettukalthery (Kattakada)

First neo realistic cinema

 Newspaper boy

First Rubber plantation

 Nilamboor (1896)

First woman Chief Engineer


First woman Chief Secretary

 Padma Ramachandran

First computerized collectorate in Kerala


First e-literate panchayath in Kerala

 Pallichal (Thiruvananthapuram)

First Hydro electric project


First Co-operative Medical College

 Pariyaram Medical College

First wildlife sanctuary in Kerala

 Periyar wildlife sanctuary

First hanging bridge


First Limited Company

 Punaloor Paper mill

First Malayalam journal published in Kerala


First Malayalee president of Indian National Congress

 Sir. C Sankaran Nair

First Woman IPS Officer of Kerala

 Sreelekha IPS

First woman IPS Officer

 Sreelekha IPS

First Olympian of Kerala

 Suresh Babu

First Bird Sanctuary in Kerala

 Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Kerala's first museum

 Thiriuvananthapuram Museum

First Zoo in Kerala

 Thiriuvananthapuram Zoo

First railway service

 Thirur (Beppur)

First Medical College


First Engineering College


First radio station


First airlines service

 Thiruvananthapuram (Mumbai - 1935)

First woman Legislative Assembly Member

 Thottakkadu Madhavi Amma

First Bio-Village in Kerala


First case-less village

 Varavoor Panchayat (Thrissur)

First computerized panchayath in Kerala

 Vellanadu (Thiruvananthapuram)

First baby friendly panchayath in Kerala

 Venganoor (Thiruvananthapuram)

First library

Trivandrum Public Library


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