MCQ Practice 14050 Questions (Pages :469)

  • 61 What happens when you print a worksheet range that is wider than the printer page width?

    (A) It prints only those columns that fit on the page
    (B) It automatically print the worksheet in condensed mole.
    (C) It prints each worksheet page in two or more pages on printer
    (D) All of these
  • 62 What is the term which represents the use of links between information of all sorts whether text, graphics, video or audio based?

    (A) Daisy wheel printer
    (B) Laser printer
    (C) Injet printer
    (D) Chain printer
  • 63 Computer virus can multiply and spread from one computer to another by means of?

    (A) Infected disk
    (B) Links to a network
    (C) Down loaded programs from internet
    (D) All of these
  • 64 The simultaneous transmission of data to a number of stations?

    (A) Broadcast
    (B) Bandwidth
    (C) Aloha
    (D) Analog transmission
  • 65 The technique used for transferring large amount of data to and from a memory in a short time?

    (A) OMAA
    (B) Interrupt driven 1110
    (C) Programmed 110
    (D) None of these
  • 66 The operating system manages?

    (A) Memory
    (B) Processor
    (C) Disk and 1/0 devices
    (D) All of the above
  • 67 'Sravanabelagola' is associated with?

    (A) Buddhism
    (B) Hinduism
    (C) Christianity
    (D) Jainism
  • 68 The largest producer of sugarcane in India?

    (A) Uttar Pradesh
    (B) Karnataka
    (C) Odisha
    (D) Rajasthan
  • 69 Delhi is on the banks of the river?

    (A) Godawari
    (B) Brahmaputra
    (C) Saraswathi
    (D) Yamuna
  • 70 The founder of Brahma Samaj?

    (A) Swami Vivekananda
    (B) Swami Dayananda Saraswathi
    (C) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
    (D) Atrnaram Panduranga
  • 71 The dark green colour in the lowest strip of our National flag represents?

    (A) Life and Prosperity
    (B) Truth and Purity
    (C) Sacrifice
    (D) Dharma
  • 72 The Governor of a State is appointed by?

    (A) President
    (B) Chief Minister
    (C) Prime Minister
    (D) Election Commissioner
  • 73 The largest producer of Aluminium?

    (A) India
    (B) USA
    (C) China
    (D) England
  • 74 The apex court in India?

    (A) High Court
    (B) Munsiff Court
    (C) Supreme Court
    (D) District Court
  • 75 Who invented X-rays?

    (A) Edison
    (B) Roentgen
    (C) Faraday
    (D) J.C. Bose
  • 76 The study of relations of animal and plants to their environment?

    (A) Ecology
    (B) Cytology
    (C) Austrology
    (D) Etymology
  • 77 The instrument to test the purity of milk?

    (A) Barometre
    (B) Odometre
    (C) Monometre
    (D) Lactometre
  • 78 The author of the book 'The Insider'?

    (A) P.V. Narasimha Rao
    (B) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
    (C) Indira Gandhi
    (D) Jawaharlal Nehru
  • 79 Charaka was the court physician of?

    (A) Bindusara
    (B) Kanishka
    (C) Harsha
    (D) Chandragupta
  • 80 Theory of relativity is associated with?

    (A) Albert Einstein
    (B) Charles Darwin
    (C) Edison
    (D) Faraday
  • 81 Light year is the unit of?

    (A) Velocity
    (B) Light
    (C) Speed
    (D) Distance
  • 82 The centre of solar system?

    (A) Sun
    (B) Earth
    (C) Moon
    (D) Jupiter
  • 83 The demarcation line between China and India?

    (A) Maginot Line
    (B) Durand Line
    (C) Mc Mohan Line
    (D) Radcliff Line
  • 84 The founder of the new religion Din-I-Lahi?

    (A) Babur
    (B) Jahangir
    (C) Aurangazeb
    (D) Akbar
  • 85 The deficiency of Vitamin B causes?

    (A) Cancer
    (B) Appendicitis
    (C) Beri-Beri '
    (D) Scurvy
  • 86 'Breast Stroke' is a term associated with?

    (A) Football
    (B) Basket ball
    (C) Wrestling
    (D) Swimming
  • 87 Capital of Karnataka?

    (A) Chennai
    (B) Mysore
    (C) Hyderabad
    (D) Bangalore
  • 88 The Chief of the three armed forces in India?

    (A) Prime Minister
    (B) Defence Minister
    (C) Home Minister
    (D) President
  • 89 Who was named 'Woman of Millenium' in a BBC Poll?

    (A) Benazir Bhuto
    (B) Indira Gandhi
    (C) Sushma Swaraj
    (D) Aiswarya Rai
  • 90 Lourie Baker was famous in the-field of?

    (A) Education
    (B) Health
    (C) Sports
    (D) Architecture

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