Astronomy (Objective) (Pages :11)

  • 1 The scientific study of a heavenly bodies is called?

    Ans : Astronomy
  • 2 How many kms is an Astronomical Unit (AU) in terrestrial measurements?

    Ans : 149597870700 metres or about 150 million kilometres (93 million miles)
  • 3 In which book, Nicholas Copernicus, wrote that the Sun is the centre of Universe, that marked the beginning of modern astronomy?

    Ans : De Revolution Orbium Coelestium
  • 4 Who wrote ancient cosmological treatise Almagest?

    Ans : Ptolemy
  • 5 Which Greek astronomer of 150 BC compiled a catalogue of the position of more than 800 stars besides establishing a magnitude scale to measure star brightness, that is still in use?

    Ans : Hipparchus
  • 6 What is Big Bang Theory?

    (A) The Big Bang Theory states that the Universe began in an enormous explosion about 15
    (B) 000 million years ago. At its very beginning
    (C) the Universe was very hot and compressed
    (D) and was expanding violently.

    Ans :()

  • 7 The science which deals with the nature and origin of the universe is known as?

    Ans : Cosmology
  • 8 Founder of Scientific Astronomy?

    Ans : Hoffmann
  • 9 A congregation of millions or billions of stars held together by gravity?

    Ans : Galaxy
  • 10 How many different kinds of galaxies are there?

    (A) There are three groups of galaxies - elliptical
    (B) spiral and irregular galaxies.

    Ans :()

  • 11 Which American astronomer classified the galaxies into spiral elliptical and irregular types?

    Ans : Edwin Hubble
  • 12 Our galaxy milky way is a?

    Ans : Spiral Galaxy
  • 13 Which galaxy is called as the twin of our galaxy, the milky way?

    Ans : M-31
  • 14 Group of stars that form certain shapes or pattern are called?

    Ans : Constellations
  • 15 The pole star is a part of the ........ constellation?

    Ans : Ursa Minor
  • 16 Where is Lyra?

    Ans : Lyra is a summer constellation.
  • 17 The biggest constellation is?

    Ans : Hydra
  • 18 Which constellation is known as Hunter?

    Ans : Orion
  • 19 Father of modern space science?

    Ans : Galileo Galilei
  • 20 Oldest of all the constellations?

    Ans : Leo
  • 21 Which constellation is called by the name Milk- clipper?

    Ans : Saggitarius
  • 22 Where is Taurus?

    Ans : Taurus extends from the celestial equator north to a little above 30° north declination.
  • 23 The two nearest galaxies to our milky way?

    Ans : Large Magellanic cloud and small Magellanic cloud
  • 24 The galaxy nearer to our galaxy milky way?

    Ans : Andromeda Galaxy
  • 25 Milkyway belongs to a cluster of some 24 galaxies called?

    Ans : Local group
  • 26 Energy is transferred from the Sun to Earth mainly by?

    Ans : electromagnetic waves
  • 27 The best evidence that Earth spins on its axis is provided by?

    Ans : apparent shifts in the swing of a Foucault pendulum
  • 28 Existence of galaxies beyond milky way was first demonstrated by?

    Ans : Edwin Hubble
  • 29 Galaxies are also called?

    Ans : island of universe
  • 30 Father of Indian Astronomy?

    Ans : Aryabhata