Astronomy (Objective) (Pages :11)

  • 271 First man sent into space by China?

    Ans : Yang Liwei
  • 272 Who is the first person to die in space flight?

    (A) Col Komerov on April 3
    (B) 1967

    Ans :()

  • 273 Who is the father of Space Science?

    Ans : Konstantin Tsilkovsky
  • 274 Which satellite is known as the artificial baby moon?

    Ans : Sputnik
  • 275 Name the satellite which first relayed television?

    Ans : Telstar
  • 276 The landing craft used by Armstrong?

    Ans : Eagle
  • 277 The first communication satellite of the world?

    (A) Echo
    (B) USA

    Ans :()

  • 278 ‘Atlantes’ is the name of space shuttle launched by?

    Ans : USA
  • 279 Name the space shuttle which exploded seconds after its launch and killed astronauts?

    Ans : Challenger
  • 280 Which space shuttle’s crew included Indian born Kalpana Chawla?

    Ans : Columbia (in 1977)
  • 281 Which space shuttle carried the revolutionary Hubble telescope?

    (A) Discovery
    (B) launched on 24 April 1990

    Ans :()

  • 282 Which space craft flew over the cloud tops and haze of the stormy planet the Neptune and its moon Triton before heading for the far reaches of space?

    (A) Voyagar II
    (B) launched on 26 August 1989

    Ans :()

  • 283 Which space shuttle’s major mission was the “Laser test” for controversial “star wars” anti - missile defence programme?

    (A) Discovery
    (B) launched on 30 August
    (C) 1984

    Ans :()

  • 284 Crews of which two space shuttle shook hands in 1975, while in orbit?

    Ans : Apollo (USA) and Soyuz (Russia)
  • 285 Which spacecraft first discovered the immense Canyon system on Mars?

    Ans : NASA’s Mariner 9 space craft in 1971
  • 286 Name Japan’s first Lunar Satellite which was launched in September 2007 and successfully manoeuvred to crash into the moon on June 11, 2009?

    Ans : Kaguya to study the moon’s origin and evolution
  • 287 What is the Chinese term for astronaut?

    Ans : Taikonaut
  • 288 Name the Chinese first lunar probe which was launched into space on October 24, 2007 and impacted the moon on March 1, 2009?

    (A) Chang’e -1
    (B) named after a legendary Chinese moon goddess

    Ans :()

  • 289 First woman commander of space shuttle (Columbia)?

    Ans : Eileen Collins
  • 290 When did China make history in space - walk and by whom?

    (A) On September 27
    (B) 2008 China’s Taikonaut Mr. Zhaizhigang space walked for 25 minute

    Ans :()

  • 291 When did China join the elite space club of Russia and USA?

    (A) On October 15
    (B) 2003 when it launched Lt. Col. Yangwei (38) an Air Force pilot into space aboard its Shenzhou V Craft that orbited the earth 14 times on a 21 - hour flight.

    Ans :()

  • 292 Which space craft confirmed ice on mars in June 2008?

    Ans : Phoenix
  • 293 Which robot space craft was launched on 4 May, 1989 by the US Space Shuttle to probe Planet Venus?

    Ans : Magellan
  • 294 When did NASA launch its Messenger Space craft to the planet Mercury?

    Ans : 3-Aug-04
  • 295 To provide unique Information on Mar’s weather, climate and geology which space craft was sent to space by NASA on August 12, 2005?

    Ans : Mars Reconnaissance orbiter
  • 296 Name the British researchers, who using radar images from NASA’s Magellan probe, have found powerful evidence that there could have been life on Venus?

    (A) Dr. Adrian Jones
    (B) A planetary scientist and Mr. Kevinpickering
    (C) a geologist

    Ans :()

  • 297 When did the European Space Agency (ESA) launch its first probe to Venus, the 1.3 tonne Venus Express?

    Ans : 9-Nov-05
  • 298 Which probe failed to find any sign of life on Mars?

    Ans : The Viking probes or path finder
  • 299 Which space craft was the first space probe or artificial object to leave our Solar system?

    Ans : The Pioneer Space Craft
  • 300 When was Gravity Probe - B launched by NASA to test the famous theory of relativity propounded by Albert Einstein?

    Ans : 20-Apr-04

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