Astronomy (Objective) (Pages :11)

  • 121 The planet where the objects experience more weight?

    Ans : Jupiter
  • 122 The period of rotation of Jupiter?

    Ans : 9 hours 50 minutes 30 seconds
  • 123 Period of revolution of Jupiter?

    Ans : 12 years
  • 124 Planet having the shortest day and shortest night?

    Ans : Jupiter
  • 125 The planet which has the highest escape velocity?

    Ans : Jupiter (37 miles/second)
  • 126 Ganymede, the largest satellite in our solar system is a satellite of?

    Ans : Jupiter
  • 127 How fast does Jupiter travel around the Sun?

    Ans : Jupiter makes 13.1 kilometres per second.
  • 128 The biggest four satellites of Jupiter?

    (A) Io
    (B) Europa
    (C) Ganymede
    (D) and Callisto

    Ans :()

  • 129 The only space craft to orbit Jupiter is?

    Ans : Galileo Orbitel
  • 130 The second largest planet in the solar system?

    Ans : Saturn
  • 131 The outer most planet visible to the naked eye?

    Ans : Saturn
  • 132 The planets known as “gas giants” include Jupiter, Uranus, and?

    Ans : Saturn
  • 133 Which planet has an orbit with an eccentricity most similar to the eccentricity of the Moon’s orbit around Earth?

    Ans : Saturn
  • 134 The satellite of Saturn nicknamed Death Star?

    Ans : Mimas
  • 135 Who discovered the rings round Saturn?

    Ans : Galileo
  • 136 Period of rotation of Saturn?

    Ans : 10 hours 14 minutes
  • 137 Period of revolution of Saturn?

    Ans : 30 years
  • 138 Planet known as golden giant?

    Ans : Saturn
  • 139 The only planet having density less than water?

    Ans : Saturn
  • 140 Phoebe, Tethys and Mimas are the satellites of?

    Ans : Saturn
  • 141 Who discovered titan?

    Ans : Christian Huygens in 1656
  • 142 The second largest satellite of Saturn?

    Ans : Rhea
  • 143 Uranus was discovered by?

    Ans : William Hershel in 1781
  • 144 The Third largest planet in the solar system?

    Ans : Uranus
  • 145 The only planet where one pole faces the sun as its orbits?

    Ans : Uranus
  • 146 Miranda and Ariel are the satellite of?

    Ans : Uranus
  • 147 Uranus appears green in colour why?

    Ans : Because of Methane gas present in its atmosphere
  • 148 Name the five faint narrow rings surrounding the Uranus?

    (A) Alpha
    (B) beta
    (C) gamma
    (D) delta and epsilon

    Ans :()

  • 149 The planet known as rolling planet?

    Ans : Uranus
  • 150 Period of rotation of Uranus?

    Ans : 10 hours 50 minutes

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