Basic Science (MCQ) (Pages :22)

  • 1 If the earth were to stop rotating the value of ‘g’?

    (A) Increases
    (B) Decreases
    (C) Remains unchanged
    (D) None of these
  • 2 The electron affinity of noble gases is?

    (A) Almost zero
    (B) Low
    (C) High
    (D) Very high
  • 3 Coefficient of linear expansion always …….. with the increase in temperature?

    (A) Increase
    (B) Decrease
    (C) Remains
    (D) Doubles itself
  • 4 Domestic cooking gas consists of mostly?

    (A) Methane and ethane
    (B) Liquefied butane and isobutene
    (C) Ethylene and carbon monoxide
    (D) Hydrogen and acetylene
  • 5 What is SARS?

    (A) An Organisation
    (B) A Disease caused by virus
    (C) A disease caused by Bacteria
    (D) Carbohydrate & Nucleic acid
  • 6 Energy produced in nuclear reaction is given by?

    (A) Charls’s law
    (B) Grahm’s law
    (C) Gay-lussac’s law
    (D) Einstein’s law
  • 7 Which one of following is smallest gland of body?

    (A) Liver
    (B) Thyroid
    (C) Pituitary
    (D) Slivary gland
  • 8 The intensity of the earth’s gravitational field is maximum at?

    (A) The equator
    (B) The centre of the earth
    (C) The pole
    (D) None of these
  • 9 Father of microbiology?

    (A) Leeuwenhoeck
    (B) Louis pasteur
    (C) Roberts koch
    (D) Hensen
  • 10 The book Historia Plantrum is written by –?

    (A) Aristotle
    (B) Darwin
    (C) Hipporates
    (D) Theophrastus
  • 11 Bacteria was discovered first by?

    (A) Leeuwenhook
    (B) Robert hook
    (C) Louis pasture
    (D) Robert Koch
  • 12 The electrons are emitted in the photoelectric effect from a metal surface?

    (A) Only if the frequency of the incident radiation is above a certain threshold value
    (B) Only if the temperature of the surface is high
    (C) At the rate of independent of the nature of the metal
    (D) None of these
  • 13 Chlorofluro carbons are widely used in?

    (A) Micro ovens
    (B) Solar heaters
    (C) Washing machines
    (D) Refrigerators
  • 14 Which of the following metals is not attacked by the environment?

    (A) Gold
    (B) Copper
    (C) Silver
    (D) Iron
  • 15 Which among the following are primary colors?

    (A) Red; Green; Blue
    (B) Blue; Yellow; Green
    (C) Red; Magenta; Yellow
    (D) Yellow; Violet; Blue
  • 16 Branch of agriculture concerned with the production of crops–?

    (A) Agrotology
    (B) Agronomy
    (C) Agrostology
    (D) Anthropology
  • 17 Which of the following is an ore of copper here?

    (A) Malachite
    (B) Bauxite
    (C) Dolomite
    (D) Cinnabar
  • 18 Aluminium oxide is a/an?

    (A) Basic oxide
    (B) Neutral oxide Railway Expected Bits
    (C) Amphoteric
    (D) Acid oxide
  • 19 The acid used in eye wash is?

    (A) Oxalic acid
    (B) Nitric acid
    (C) Boric acid
    (D) None
  • 20 Which of the following is an element?

    (A) Alumina
    (B) Brass
    (C) Graphite
    (D) Silicon
  • 21 Major basmati rice is produce in state?

    (A) Kerala
    (B) Andhra pradesh
    (C) Karnatka
    (D) Uttar pradesh
  • 22 Choke is used to_______.?

    (A) Reduce the current in AC circuit
    (B) Reduce the current in DC circuit
    (C) Convert AC to DC
    (D) Convert DC to AC
  • 23 The temperature of a gas is measured with a?

    (A) Platinum resistance thermometer
    (B) Pyrometer
    (C) Gas thermometer
    (D) Vapour pressure thermometer
  • 24 Nuclear particles responsible for holding all nucleons together are?

    (A) Electrons
    (B) Neutrons
    (C) Positrons
    (D) Mesons
  • 25 The concept of dual nature of radiation was proposed by?

    (A) Max Planck
    (B) De-Broglie
    (C) Heisenberg Environmental Quiz
    (D) Pauling
  • 26 Paraffin wax contract son solidification the melting point of wax?

    (A) Increases with increase of pressure
    (B) Decreases with increase of pressure
    (C) In independent of pressure
    (D) None of these
  • 27 Which orbit is Dum-bell shaped?

    (A) s-orbital
    (B) p-orbital
    (C) d-orbital
    (D) f-orbital
  • 28 Which of the following is worm reach into intestine of human by eating leaf …….?

    (A) Tape worm
    (B) Flat worm
    (C) Hook worm
    (D) Round worm
  • 29 Formation of cation occurs by?

    (A) Gain of electron
    (B) Loss of electron
    (C) Gain of proton
    (D) Loss of proton
  • 30 Which of the following is used as a hypnotic?

    (A) Paraldehyde
    (B) Metaldehyde
    (C) Acetaldehyde
    (D) Formaldehyde