Basic Science (MCQ) (Pages :22)

  • 31 Tides in the sea are caused by:?

    (A) Effect of sun
    (B) Effect of Moon
    (C) Combined effect of moon and sun
    (D) Gravitational force of earth and sun
  • 32 When the milk is churned vigorously the cream from it is separated out due to?

    (A) Frictional force
    (B) Centrifugal force
    (C) Centripetal force
    (D) Gravitational force
  • 33 For the growth in length of plant which of the following is not essential?

    (A) Sodium
    (B) Calcium
    (C) Nitrogen
    (D) Phosphorus
  • 34 Potassium is extracted by the electrolysis of?

    (A) Fused KOH
    (B) KBr
    (C) KCL
    (D) None
  • 35 The change in temperature of a body is 50◦C. the change on Kelvin scale is?

    (A) 50K
    (B) 60K
    (C) 70K
    (D) 323K
  • 36 If the atmospheric temperature and due point are nearly equal then?

    (A) The relative humidity is 100%
    (B) The relative humidity is zero
    (C) The relative humidity is 50%
    (D) None of these
  • 37 Distance of stars are measured in?

    (A) Galactic unit
    (B) Seller mile
    (C) Cosmic kilometre
    (D) Light year
  • 38 In plant process of transpiration occur through?

    (A) Stem
    (B) Leaves
    (C) Root
    (D) All the aerial part of plant
  • 39 Botanical name of soyabean is?

    (A) Lathyrus odratus
    (B) Glycine max
    (C) Pisum sativum
    (D) Brassica nigra
  • 40 The escape velocity from the surface of the earths does not depend on?

    (A) Mass of the earths
    (B) Mass of the body
    (C) Radious of the earths
    (D) Gravity
  • 41 Photosynthesis organelles found in plant cell?

    (A) Mitochondria
    (B) Golgi bodies
    (C) Chloroplast
    (D) Liposome’s
  • 42 Spice saffrom is obtained from which part of plant?

    (A) Leaf
    (B) Petal
    (C) Sepal
    (D) Stigma
  • 43 Binomial nomenclature means?

    (A) One name given by two scientists
    (B) One name comprising a generic and a specific epithet
    (C) Two names; one latinised; other of a person
    (D) Two name one scientific other local
  • 44 The screening effect of inner electrons of the nucleus causes?

    (A) Decrease in the ionization energy
    (B) Increase in the ionization energy
    (C) No effect on the ionization energy
    (D) Increase in the attraction of the nucleus to the electrons
  • 45 Disease cause by ascaris in human …..?

    (A) Teniasis
    (B) Ascarisis
    (C) Liver rot
    (D) Insomania
  • 46 Cassiterite is concentrated by?

    (A) Hand picking
    (B) Levigation
    (C) Electromagnetic separation
    (D) Wifely table method
  • 47 The term biology was first coined by –?

    (A) Aristotle
    (B) Darwin
    (C) Lamark
    (D) Lamark and Treviranus
  • 48 Iodine deficiency in diet is known to cause?

    (A) Beri-beri
    (B) Goiter
    (C) Rickets
    (D) Night-blindnets
  • 49 The reaction in zeolite catalysis depend upon?

    (A) Apertures
    (B) Size of Cavite’s
    (C) Pores
    (D) All of these
  • 50 Which one of the following groups have quantities that do not have the same dimensions?

    (A) Pressure; stress
    (B) Velocity; speed
    (C) Force; impulse
    (D) Work; energy
  • 51 Which planet is nearest to the earth?

    (A) Mercury
    (B) Jupiter
    (C) Venus
    (D) Mars
  • 52 Fahrenheit scale divides two fixed points into?

    (A) 180 parts
    (B) 212 parts
    (C) 100 part
    (D) 32 parts
  • 53 Which one of the following disease caused by Bacteria?

    (A) Tuberculosis
    (B) Mumps
    (C) Small Pox Expected Bits For Railway
    (D) Rabies
  • 54 Which one of the following has maximum colorific value?

    (A) Water gas
    (B) Producer gas
    (C) Oil gas
    (D) Coal gas
  • 55 A Liquid drop tends to assume a spherical shape because of?

    (A) Surface tension
    (B) Viscous force
    (C) Gravitational force
    (D) Elastic force
  • 56 Structure of solids is investigated by using?

    (A) Cosmic rays
    (B) X-rays
    (C) Infrared
    (D) R-rays
  • 57 ’Dynamic lift’ is related to?

    (A) Bernoulli’s theorem
    (B) Archimedes principle
    (C) Equation of continuity
    (D) Pascal’s law
  • 58 Which of the following is NOT the unit of time?

    (A) Parallactic second
    (B) Micro second
    (C) Leap year
    (D) Solar day
  • 59 Water evaporates at atmospheric pressure at a certain rate. If now the some water is placed in vaccum. The rate of evaporation?

    (A) Will increase
    (B) Will decrease
    (C) Will ramain unchanged
    (D) None of these
  • 60 Photocells are used for the?

    (A) Reproduction of picture from the cinema film
    (B) Reproduction of sound from the cinema film
    (C) Automatic switching of street light
    (D) B and Both

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