Basic Science (MCQ) (Pages :22)

  • 601 Uric acid is present in?

    (A) Soda water
    (B) Rancid butter
    (C) Sour milk
    (D) Urine of mammals
  • 602 Meson was discovered by?

    (A) Powell
    (B) Sea burg
    (C) Anderson Polity Study Notes
    (D) Yukawa
  • 603 A good moderator should?

    (A) Not be gas only
    (B) Not have appetite for neutrons only
    (C) Be light in mass number only
    (D) Be all above three
  • 604 The diesease late blight of potato is caused by?

    (A) Algae
    (B) Bryophytes
    (C) Pteridophytes
    (D) Fungi
  • 605 In which mode of transmission, the heat waves travel along the straight line with the speed of light?

    (A) Began to move faster
    (B) Lose energy
    (C) Become heavier
    (D) Become lighter
  • 606 All of the following statements are correct except?

    (A) The magnification produced by a convex mirror is always less than one
    (B) A virtual erect same sized image can be obtained using a plane mirror
    (C) A virtual erect magnified image can be formed using a concave mirror
    (D) A real inverted same sized image can be formed using a convex mirror
  • 607 Plant yielding medicine for checking eye is?

    (A) Rauwolfia serpentina
    (B) Atropa beladona
    (C) Cinchona officinale
    (D) Ephedra gerardiana
  • 608 Five equal forces of 10 N each are applied at one point and all are lying in one plane. If angles between them are equal, the resultant of these forces wil be?

    (A) Zero
    (B) 10 N Modern History
    (C) 20 N
    (D) 10
  • 609 Cathode rays are?

    (A) Electromagnetic wave
    (B) Stream of particle
    (C) Stream of electrons
    (D) Radiations
  • 610 Photosynthesis is fasters in?

    (A) Blue light
    (B) Sun light
    (C) Red light
    (D) Green light
  • 611 A White and smooth surface is?

    (A) Good absorber and bad reflector of heat
    (B) Bad absorber and bad reflector of heat
    (C) Good absorber and good reflector of heat
    (D) Bad absorber and good reflector of heat
  • 612 Light year is unit of:?

    (A) Time
    (B) Speed of light
    (C) Distance
    (D) Mass
  • 613 Hydrochloric acid is also known as?

    (A) Galic acid
    (B) Picric acid
    (C) Muriatic acid
    (D) Chloric acid
  • 614 Which of the following acids is present in vinegar?

    (A) Hydrochloric acid
    (B) Acetic acid
    (C) Tartaric acid
    (D) Citric acid
  • 615 The confirmatory test for HIV virus causing AIDS is?

    (A) CDR count
    (B) Western blot test
    (C) ELISA test
    (D) PCR
  • 616 Which of the following metals has least melting point?

    (A) Gold
    (B) Silver
    (C) Mercury
    (D) Copper
  • 617 The disease late blight of potato is caused by?

    (A) Fusarium oxysporum
    (B) Alternaria solani
    (C) Albuigo candiada
    (D) Phytophthora infestans
  • 618 Which of the following is not the unit of energy?

    (A) Calorie
    (B) Joule
    (C) Electron volt
    (D) Watt
  • 619 If a stream of air is blown under one of the pans of a physical balance in equilibrium, then the pan will?

    (A) Go up
    (B) Go down
    (C) Not be affected
    (D) None of these
  • 620 The operating principle of a hydraulic press is?

    (A) Pascal’s principle
    (B) Archimedes principle
    (C) Boyle’s law
    (D) Newton’s law of gravitation
  • 621 Photolysis of water involves?

    (A) Excitement of water
    (B) Evaluation of oxygen
    (C) Breakdown of water by light
    (D) Splitting of water into its ion H and OH
  • 622 Number of basic SI unit is?

    (A) 4
    (B) 7
    (C) 6
    (D) 5
  • 623 The process of emission of electrons from metal by UV rays is?

    (A) Photoelectric emission
    (B) Thermionic emission
    (C) Secondary emission
    (D) Field emission
  • 624 Blue litmus paper is converted into red in solution of?

    (A) Acid
    (B) Base
    (C) Alkali
    (D) Salt
  • 625 What is the bond between two amino acids in a protein called?

    (A) Ester bond
    (B) Glycosidic bond
    (C) Peptide bond
    (D) Phosphodiester bond
  • 626 Tidal range denotes the?

    (A) Rise of sea water and its movement toward the coast
    (B) Fall of sea water and its movement toward the sea
    (C) Rise and fall of sea water due to gravitational forces
    (D) Difference between high and low tide
  • 627 Botany is also known as –?

    (A) Phytology
    (B) Phycology
    (C) Pedology
    (D) Plantophyta
  • 628 Tamarind contains?

    (A) Tartaric acid
    (B) Lactic acid
    (C) Citric acid
    (D) Succinic acid
  • 629 Chlorine is manufactured by?

    (A) Birkeland and eyed process
    (B) Deacon’s process
    (C) Bosch process
    (D) Solvay’s process
  • 630 Which of the following physical quantities have the same dimensions?

    (A) Kinetic energy; velocity
    (B) Work and torque
    (C) Potential energy; linear momentum
    (D) Angular momentum and work

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